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INTERVIEW: Mahmut Orhan



Mahmut Orhan or as we like to call him the man behind one of our all-time favourite tracks “Feel”, is back in Dubai and this time, he’ll be getting the party started at Iris Dubai.

During his whirlwind stay that will also see him spin at MAD Abu Dhabi tonight, we managed to grab the 25-year-old Turk for a quick chat about musical influences, new tunes and his love of Dubai.

You’re now a world renowned DJ and producer, when did you realise that music was what you wanted to do?
Since my early inspirations and passion for listening to music, I’ve always wanted to share what I love musically with others, so DJing and producing has been a natural career choice for me.

You’ve played in Dubai before, how does the crowd compare to those found in Europe for example?
The crowd in Dubai is always filled with energy. I’ve played here numerous times over the years, and each experience never fails to excite and each crowd brings a new dynamic to the dancefloor! I hope to continue to share my sound in Dubai a lot this year, and share all the new music I’ve been working on.

What can fans expect from your Dubai performance?
Lots of energy and fresh music!

Your song “Feel” is one of our all-time favourites, what was the inspiration behind the song?
I’m inspired by music that connects and resonates with people from all over the world. From early influences growing up to the new producers of today, there’s been numerous sounds and adventures which have impacted the music I love making as well as share with my fans.

Can you explain your music creation process? Does it start with one beat that you build on or experiment with or do you usually have a clear idea of how you would like the entire song to sound?
I always like to bring a new dynamic to the production process when I’m in the studio, whether it’s a new piece of equipment, a melody in my head or a sound which has inspired me during the day, I make sure to capture ideas as I believe inspiration can hit you during at time or place.

With regards to new music, what can we expect? 
I’ve got a new track coming soon on Ultra Music called ‘Six Days War’. I’m hoping to announce a release date soon. I’m really excited about this one. I also have a number of tracks that I’ve been working on in the studio, stay locked to my social media for new announcements soon.

Aside from your own music, what is your favourite song right now?
“Cola” by Camelphat.

What advice do you have for fans looking to follow in your musical footsteps?
Work hard and follow your passion and you’ll find success. Being dedicated to your craft and making music you believe in are essential qualities to have in my opinion.

Mahmut Orhan live in Dubai
Friday, February 23
Where: Iris Dubai
Contact: website

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