24 Jan 2019 AT 12:48 PM

Review: The Hideout

Switch out a classy roof terrace for cheesy tunes this week
24 Jan 2019 AT 12:48 PM

When the self-proclaimed gastroclub (that’s a nightclub that serves food, guys) opened its door in the wake of Societe in late 2018, we were a bit puzzled by the concept. Hence why,  while there’s a different brunch on every night – Monday’s gamers night and Tuesday’s ladies evening – we head over post-feast on a Thursday to check out the ‘club’ aspect after clocking off.

Located within the Marina Byblos Hotel, there’s no luxe terrace to take it easy on – be prepared to dance the night away under the disco lights.    But as we arrive around 9.30pm, guests are still reclining around leather-clad table booths, working on digestion before moving on to the dancefloor. So we make our way over to the bar. Warning: if you’ve become too accustomed to the Dubai life, it won’t be for you as it’s a slow, competitive procedure, and the drinks are frills-free.

But it’s here we appreciate the finer details of the venue – namely the walls adorned with retro CD covers and posters as the old-school tunes ring through the speakers. It takes a while to pick up, but by the end of the night we’re cutting shapes to cheesy tracks like there’s no tomorrow.

Never proclaiming to be the classiest venue in town, it delivers on laid-back fun and we can’t promise we won’t be spotted staging a dancefloor takeover at The Hideout again soon.

Where: Marina Byblos Hotel, Dubai Marina
Contact: +971 58 534 6000
Website: thehideoutdubai.com