12 Feb 2019 AT 12:47 PM

Review: Flair no.5

It's a great midweek escape from work life in the city
12 Feb 2019 AT 12:47 PM
Review: Flair no.5

Within the corporate exterior of Dubai’s financial district, elevated above the busy streets, lies a lounge that could be mistaken for a garden centre upon first glance. People-tall plants rise beside soft furnishings, while shrubbery spills out from hanging pots surrounded by fanciful chandeliers.

But as we walk through the terrace on the Wonderland-themed evening, it’s not just the earthy green and blues that promise to bring a botanical flair to a Wednesday night.

Saving the bar stools and high tables for next time, we head to one of the private cabanas to help us shake off the city stress and soak up the calming climate. Reclined on the sofas, we turn straight to the drinks menu to peruse the unique drinks offerings that lured us in.

There are 32 different juniper combinations to try (not all at once, you nutter) and other drinks on the menu list ingredients such as rosemary and sage infusions, passion fruit purée and hibiscus syrup. With an offer of four drinks and bites (prawn croquette, calamari, duck gyoza ) for just AED99 per person, we explore our options. Nibbles consumed and drinks devoured, the atmosphere is lifted as the DJ’s mellow dance beats (complemented by a live saxophone player) raises in volume.

All in all, we can’t fault Flair No.5 when it comes to an affordable midweek escape from work life in the concrete jungle.

Where: The Ritz-Carlton DIFC
Contact: +9714 372 2323
Website: ritzcarlton.com