25 Mar 2019 AT 10:05 AM

QWERTY’s Mad Men night reviewed

Head down to Media City for some post-work freebies
25 Mar 2019 AT 10:05 AM
QWERTY’s Mad Men night reviewed

As offers go, two free drinks on a Monday night seems too good to turn down. The fact this particular Gentlemen’s Night, which takes place at QWERTY in the Media One Hotel, is themed on the smash US show, Mad Men, is simply an added bonus. With that in mind, we head down, not entirely sure of what to expect but excited about what the night could potentially bring.

A welcoming bar with a relaxed atmosphere is the perfect way to describe QWERTY, whose friendly, elegantly-dressed hostess has taken our drinks order before we’ve even set foot in the bar. Now there’s attentive service.

The two free drinks amount to a hop and a shot, the latter of which seems a touch unnecessary for 7pm on a school night, but who are we to argue with the rule-makers?

A combination of post-work drinkers and holiday-makers ensures the bar is relatively busy, if not jam-packed, but what becomes quickly apparent is the distinct lack of anything even remotely linked to Mad Men. Not a picture, piece of memorabilia or three-piece suit in sight. Odd, given the premise of the evening.

What QWERTY doesn’t lack, however, are portraits of some of the all-time great musicians adorning the walls: David Bowie, George Michael, Whitney Houston and, er, Taylor Swift are all there.

In terms of the drinks, the hop, served straight from an ice-filled freezer in the middle of the venue, goes down a treat. The shot? Not so much, but then that’s to be expected. A minor disappointment is the limited number of options - just the one - when it comes to draught hops.

QWERTY provides a perfectly pleasant setting in which to wind down after a long day in the office. But to use Mad Men as the selling point of an evening, without any sign of a connection to the show, simply seems a little, well, mad.

Where: Media One Hotel
When: Every Monday from 6pm to 8pm
Contact: +971 4 427 1000