17 Jun 2019 AT 11:13 AM

Five places to stay nice and cool in Dubai

These trendy spots aren’t just stylishly cool, they’re the great escape from that summer sun. it’s about to get chilly...
17 Jun 2019 AT 11:13 AM
Five places to stay nice and cool in Dubai

We’ve been flagging it off for the past few months, but there’s no denying that Dubai’s desert heat is finally here. There’s no outrunning the blazing circle in the sky. Well, unless your run ends at one of these cool spots. And yes, we’re talking about both senses of the word. Whether it’s “underground” or plated with ice cold (and gold) interiors, seek shelter and get yourself a chilled bevvy at these watering holes. We’ll emerge once again when temperatures drop.

Aloft City Centre Deira
A fully licensed cinema that’s perfect for all seasons? Get us our tickets now. This ‘outdoor’ cinema puts a roof over its venue during summer, and cranks up the air-conditioning to full power.
Where: Deira
Contact: +971 600 599905

Chillout Ice Lounge
How could we not add the first ice lounge in the Middle East? Temperatures are -6 °C in this chilly spot, and drinks are served literally in ice. There may not be any mixed beverages here, but it goes one better by offering a steaming cup of hot chocolate instead.
Where: Times Square Center
Contact: +971 4 341 8121

Gold on 27
One of the best conductors of cold temperatures is gold, so of course a whole bar made out of the shiny stuff, serving up classy chilled mixed drinks, would be the perfect spot to keep cool. Also, it simply feels fancy.
Where: Burj Al Arab
Contact: +971 4 301 7600

Poppy by David Myers
There’s something special about finding a hidden spot, especially when its dark, cool and extremely stylish. The mixed drinks bar from US chef David Myers serves up a signature selection of chilly concoctions. Come in hot, come out stylishly cool.
Where: Renaissance Downtown
Contact: +971 4 512 5555

The Underground
The sun can’t reach you if you’re under the earth! Well, this isn’t exactly underground, but it certainly feels like it. This is one for the sports fans, with loads of screens spaced throughout showing every goal, wicket and everything in between.

Where: Habtoor Grand Resort, JBR
Contact: +971 4 399 5000