30 Jul 2019 AT 09:19 AM

Bar Crawl Guide: Top Barsha Heights Bars

Forget about hailing a taxi, this popular district of bars can be all done on foot...
30 Jul 2019 AT 09:19 AM
Bar Crawl Guide: Top Barsha Heights Bars
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Jump into any taxi and say you’re off to Barsha Heights, and we can guarantee they’ll retort: “oh, you mean Tecom?” Well, technically no, but we get that changing the name of a popular destination for weekend banter doesn’t come easily. Even to us. That’s okay, as once you hop out at Tec... erm, Barsha Heights, you needn’t go through that name squabble again, since each buzzing bar and pub is (thankfully) within walking distance. Flip flops are all you need.

Save this one as your last, not just because it bills itself as a ‘risqué’ after-hours bar with a ‘parlour feel’ (we haven’t the slightest idea), but you won’t start to feel the buzz until it’s about midnight. Once the crowds pile in, though, who knows what hour you’ll stay until.
Where: TRYP by Wyndham Dubai
Contact: +971 4 247 6688

Belgian Café
There’s nothing like holding a tremendous glass of a Belgian hops to kick off a crawl. Although, you’ll find other pints afterwards then fall short. A snug spot with a warm atmosphere.
Where: Grand Millennium Dubai
Contact: +971 4 429 9999

Crown & Lion
Sure, this may not be the most glitzy pub around, but that’s exactly why we like the smoky, classic venue. Here’s a tip: the complimentary popcorn served is so large it could count as a quick bite. Essentially, its free soakage with affordable drinks. Get in.
Where: Byblos Hotel Dubai
Contact: +971 4 448 8000

Dubai Reds and Liverpool FC fanatics, you’ll already know about this joint. If you don’t, it’s an old-time sports bar lined with screens and has plenty of pool tables. Just try not to cheer for the other team when Liverpool are playing. You’ve been warned.

Where: Ramee Rose Hotel
Contact: +971 4 4500111

Sports and comforting pub grub – the only two things a sporty and stylishly swanky gastropub needs to get right. Nelson’s does, thanks to its traditional British bites, screen-ridden space and selection of hops on tap. The best pit-stop.
Where: Media Rotana
Contact: +971 4 435 0000