7 Dubai Karaoke spots

It seems like a good many years since karaoke was the most entertaining thing humans could do with their evenings; Bill Murray’s inside-out t-shirt turn in Lost in Translation seemed to be the last hurrah for the slurred, late-night public singalong. It is, though, still very much alive in Dubai and, despite protest from at least 50 per cent of your friends, it will be one the most entertaining ways to spend an evening – and, in our view, the best way to sort which of your peers actually know how to have a good time without an iced bucket sitting in the middle of the table.

Here are seven locations providing all the fun that a good karaoke bar should, along with a few extras.

Harry Ghatto’s
Where: The Boulevard, Jumeirah Emirates Towers
This has long been a favourite on the Dubai scene, hosting theme nights throughout the week. The back room is where the tonsils can get an airing, with the party kicking off at around 10pm and closing up shop at 3am. There are no advanced bookings for the stage here, so use the drinks promotions to muster up some courage, and share your gift with the world.
Contact: www.jumeirah.com/en/hotels-resorts/dubai/jumeirah-emirates-towers/restaurants_bars/harry-ghattos

Double Decker
Where: Al Murooj Rotana, Al Safa Street
The British themed pub – and scene of all manner of expat “fun” – might be better known for live sports, massive plates of grub and its legendary brunch, but feature Karaoke for the masses on weekend nights. Get yer Liam on by braying into the microphone from a raised balcony, with the masses looking every inch the stragglers in front of the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. Sing sensibly, eh?

Hibiki Lounge
Where: The Hyatt Regency, Deira
Described as the first “authentic” karaoke lounge in the emirate, Hibiki offers private rooms as well as a main stage, accommodating for the varying levels of confidence in the wannabe Dubai divas. Happy hour deals start at around 7.30pm, and the lounge features a resident singer to take over in the breaks, and show you how “Take My Breath Away” should be sung.

Where: The Byblos Hotel Tecom
Kung Korean is as authentic as it gets. The restaurant and karaoke place is located on the mezzanine of the Byblos Hotel and features private rooms of dofferent sizes and capacities – catering for earnest couples as well as ear-splitting rugby teams. Food and drink is also available, and it is meant to be the best Korean fare on offer in the city. The décor is a bit tired, but it merely creates an appealingly unpolished night out.
Contact: www.bybloshoteldubai.com/kung-korean-restaurant-karaoke

Rock Bottom
Where: Ramee Rose Hotel, Tecom
Rock Bottom. The great opinion divider. Some say the clue is in the name, some say it’s a guaranteed good night out. At the weekend, karaoke is laid on by resident MC/DJ Josh, who will harangue guests to come and sing for their supper – or, more often than not, simply belt out a few tunes himself. It helps that drinks can be ordered from the dance floor, from waitresses that seem to pop up out of nowhere.
Contact: www.rameehotels.com/ramee-rose-hotel

Where: The Majestic Hotel, Bur Dubai
The principal point about karaoke is, of course, to not take yourself too seriously – a lesson a number of people in Dubai might be in need of learning. Checkers might offer a crash course with a no nonsense crowd that’s there to sing, support and offer a general ambience that makes you feel like you’ve got the X Factor.

Time Cafe
Where: Ramee Royal Hotel, Al Karama
Deep in the heart of Karama sits Time Cafe, a sport and karaoke bar that also features live music. In classic Dubai fashion, ladies get a set amount of free drinks, but the prices here seem to be a little bit lower anyway than the other side of the creek. The bar also features pool tables for the shyer members of the crowd. Get involved, as they say.
Contact: www.rameehotels.com/ramee-royal-hotel/dining-entertainment/289

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