INTERVIEW: Martin Solveig says ‘Hello’ ahead of Dubai gig

You probably know of Martin Solveig – his music, his signature round sunglasses and his quirky music videos. But you may not know that he uploads a new #MondayDance move to Instagram every Monday, because… why not?

The disco-spinning Parisian is full of surprises. We caught up with him ahead of his gig at Zero Gravity to find out why he loves Madonna, and which Dubai hotspot is his favourite place to hang out.

You’ve been to Dubai a few times now. What do you think of the city? 
It’s always a pleasure to be back in Dubai. It’s such a crazy buzzing city with so many things going on! It is impossible to be bored there.

What’s your favourite club/restaurant in Dubai?
I think Zero Gravity is both a club and a restaurant, but also and bar and beach/pool? Well all that sounds pretty great!

You’ve worked with some pretty big names, who was the most exciting and why? 
Madonna. She’s such a true and iconic artist. Working with her was inspiring, and she taught me a lot too. It was an incredible experience.

You’re famous for your quirky videos. Can you tell us what made you dream up the concept for “+1”?  
Well the song is really fun, pop and a little bit crazy so I wanted the music video to match all that. I didn’t really want it to have a scenario or to follow a story – just a lot of crazy, fresh, pop scenes following each other. The colours, the fun ideas, they are all really important to me and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to create all that.

Are those the kind of dance moves we’d see you pulling out on the dance floor? What’s your signature?! 
For that you’ve got to check my #MondayDance every Monday on my Instagram!

You’re constantly travelling. What’s your tip for beating jet lag? 
I wish I had one… Being really excited about the next gig helps though 😉

What can the Dubai crowd expect from you this time around? 
As usual, I’d say a really fresh, pop, fun, exciting show. Plus, new music is around the corner, as well as the second season of my Pacha Ibiza Residency, so Dubai can definitely expect to hear stuff that hasn’t been showcased yet this Thursday at Zero Gravity.

Thursday May 5, Zero Gravity,

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