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Famous New York burger bar is coming to Dubai



The milkshakes at Black Tap in New York are so famous that people queue for hours just to get a taste (and snap a picture for Instagram, of course). There are 12 different shakes on the menu, and reports claim that each one has up to 1,600 calories. Those of you with a sweet tooth will be pleased to know that the restaurant is going to open an outlet in Dubai.

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According to US website Eater, Black Tap has a series of licensing deals for outlets in the Middle East. Although no location has been confirmed, the website claims that it will “soon” be in Dubai. When the restaurant isn’t raking in ‘likes’ for its monster desserts on social media, it’s serving burgers so big that you almost dislocate your jaw just trying to eat them, so be prepared for plenty of overindulgence.

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The eatery is one of 11 on a list of “restaurants you wouldn’t expect to find in Dubai”. While there are some restaurants on there that we all know and love – hello Trader Vic’s and Clinton Street Baking Company – there are many that are yet to open. Apparently Wahlburger’s recently signed a deal to open 20 burger joints in the Middle East (including Dubai), along with Denver-based ice cream parlour The Inventing Room and Boston Tapas restaurant Toro. You can also expect to see Longhorn Steakhouse and Burger Joint in Dubai in the future.

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