Discover The Best Beach Clubs In Dubai – Top 10 Spots To Visit In 2023

Have you ever experienced the posh and polished beach club culture in the territory of Dubai? If not this is something you should explore at least once in a lifetime. You may be able to spot a wide variety of beaches all around the world and there can be a lot of clubs functioning surrounding the same. However, the Dubai beach club experience stands out with the most delicious food, live music performances that enhance moods, and a busy nightlife.

Daytime experiences are also luxurious and energizing with that eventful vibes reverberating everywhere. Moreover, the cosmopolitan culture in the clubs will also add to the cheerful experience you are gonna have in Dubai. Now, let’s check out the best beach clubs in Dubai for families and their peculiarities. 

There are a number of top-rated and attractive beach clubs in the city of Dubai. But you should be careful while choosing one for yourself.

You must look for your preferences and interest while doing so. Even though enjoyment is the primary motive of visiting the beach clubs in Dubai, get to know that the experiences provided by each of them would be different so it is important to filter and choose from a huge list. Moreover, you can also choose your location by analyzing the budget ranges of the beach clubs in the city.

10 Best Beach Clubs in Dubai

Here is a list of cheap beach clubs in Dubai that offer a relaxed atmosphere and affordable drinks, making them a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

1. Cove Beach

Cove Beach club can be considered synonymous with luxury and celebrations and it is one of the hottest beach clubs in Dubai. This club is known for its spacious and soothing interiors. Views from the rooms of this club will let you enjoy the magnificence of the coastal side of Dubai in its best colors.

Cove Beach

Extravaganza is the major concept that has been visualized and facilitated in this particular beach club. Accommodations in the club will give you that royal Arab feel if you are looking for such a kind of vibe in the destination. You can also have access to multi-cuisine restaurants, fitness centers, luxurious lounges, etc. in the club.

  • Price: 5000 INR/ night
  • Timings: 10 AM – 1 PM
  • Contact details: +971504546920

2. Nikki Beach

“If you are looking for a sunbath experience in the tropical vibes of the city of Dubai, Nikki Beach is one of the best beach clubs in Dubai that calling you!” This beach club is full of that fancy vibes and capable to attract a lot of youths to the location. Just like the above-discussed club, the accommodation facilities set up on the beach are also quite comfortable.

Nikki Beach

Moreover, you can enjoy some pool time enjoying the sea view and drinks of your choice. You can also indulge in a wide variety of recreational activities availed here. DJ nights at this beach club are also quite popular. 

  • Price: 3099 INR/ night 
  • Timings: 10 AM – 1 PM
  • Contact Details: +17865151130

3. Drift Beach

Drift Beach is considered one of the best beach clubs in Dubai, known for its luxurious facilities, stunning views, and impeccable service.

Drift Beach and the club associated with it is more suitable for families planning to enjoy that chill vibes in their Dubai vacation. The accommodation facilities of the beach are known for the superior comfort provided to the guests.

 Drift Beach

The hospitality of the staff is also top-rated testifying to the culture and goodness of the city of Dubai. Recreational activities, cuisine variants, pool, and drinks will add to the richness of experience you will have at this location. Rooftop bar and DJ parties are the other features of attraction you can indulge in this beach club. 

  • Price: 5000 INR/ Day
  • Timings: 9 AM -9 PM
  • Contact Details: +97143152200

4. White Beach

White beach and its beach club are among the most-loved beach clubs in Dubai. Honeymoon couples and youth find this club the most attractive among the clubs in the city. This club is seen in its biggest crowds during the new year and other special eves.

White Beach

During those times, DJ parties are organized in the club. Delicious food with options of cuisines is the other attractive feature making this club one of a kind. This club is a popular gathering place for young people during events, and it is regarded as one of the best beach clubs in Dubai for its lounging and accommodation options.

  • Price: 6000 INR for entrance
  • Timings: 10 AM -7 PM
  • Contact Details: +97144260700

5. Bvlgari Yacht Club

Bvlgari Yacht Club is known for the ambiance and authentic coastal vibes of the place. Hence vibe-seekers are the ones seen more in the location of the club. This beach club assumes a significant position in the entire Dubai tourism.

Bvlgari Yacht Club

You can also visit the 46 harbors built as a part of the club. The architecture and interiors of the club are also worth mentioning about the club. Arabic cuisine with all its richness and taste can be enjoyed at this club. 

  • Price: 8900/ Night
  • Timings: 9 AM – 2 PM 
  • Contact Details: +97147775555

6. Bla Bla

Just like the name of the beach club, this is quite a fancy-mood location you can opt for in the city of Dubai. The most attractive feature of the club is its cuisine variants, quality of serving, and hospitality. The lounging and seating of the club are also perfect if you are looking for an extremely relaxing location with the best of the views possible in the city. The Bla Bla Beach Club in Dubai is renowned as one of the best party beach clubs in Dubai.

Bla Bla

The recreational activities set up in the club are also engaging and exciting. With the best amenities and fancy outlooks, this is the best to satisfy your interests in the Dubai vacation. 

  • Price: 3000 INR for the dining of two people
  • Timings: 8 AM – 3 AM 
  • Contact Details: +97145844111

7. Azure Beach

Relaxation wrapped in luxury can be availed in the location of this particular beach club in the city of Dubai. Fancy moods are also facilitated in every possible way in the location. Moreover, you can easily access the location of this particular beach club since it is situated right in the heart of the city.

Azure Beach

The turquoise-colored beach will add to the colorful vibes and experiences you will have at the club. The pools of the club are also often appreciated by the tourists for being so spacious and clean. There are also lounge and restaurant facilities within the beach club & its surroundings. 

  • Price: 4100 INR
  • Timings: 10 AM – 8 PM 
  • Contact Details: +971527779472

8. WET Deck 

An extraordinarily beautiful club you can hit on your Dubai vacation. Unlike all the other beach clubs mentioned above, this is something that stands out with exceptional design and architecture. The huge towers that can be seen surrounding the club add an attractive frame to the club.

WET Deck 

The 3-tier pool of the club is something that is quite rare to spot in the entire city of Dubai. The spa, lounges, and restaurants of the place are also extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. The picturesque room views are also worth mentioning. 

  • Price: 2733 INR 
  • Timings: 10 AM – 7 PM
  • Contact Details: +97142455800

9. Nammos

Feeling more naturalistic in your Dubai vacation? Then all you need is some tropical vibes to embrace you with the best drinks available in the city. And the Nammos beach club would be a perfect destination for the same.


The landscape of the club side with a lot of palm trees to frame the location will add to that tropical mood you have been longing for. Restaurants, lodging, lounging, pool, and shack will serve whatever you need during the vacation. You should not also miss out on the DJ parties of the club. During the peak seasons, this location is found as a tourist hotspot in the entire city of Dubai. 

  • Price: 2000 INR for 2 people
  • Timings: 12:30 PM to 2 PM 
  • Contact Details: +9719(0)43401002

10. Twiggy by La Cantine

If you are more excited about relishing top-quality food in unlimited varieties, Twiggy by La Cantine is where you should go on your Dubai vacation. The ambiance and moods set up on the beach are also reasonable for the price we pay.

Twiggy by La Cantine

The hospitality of the staff of the club is also some of the appealing factors that make the club a perfect spot to hang out in the city of Dubai. If you are a lover of seafood varieties, you should not miss out on this place at any cost. Drinks, performances, and views are also remarkable when it comes to this particular beach club in Dubai. 

  • Price: 2000 INR for two
  • Timings: 9 AM – 2 PM 
  • Contact Details: +97146021105

In the mesmerizing city of Dubai, there are many beach clubs. Choosing one based on your clubbing preferences is entirely up to you. Foodies and drink lovers will find plenty of options in the city. If you are looking for a great atmosphere and views, the city will not disappoint. Also, if you enjoy party vibes and loud chills, Dubai has enough options for you.

Apart from all these, you can also select places according to the celebrity guests each of the clubs has for each season. Most of the beach clubs in Dubai are set up in a multi-cuisine mode so that you don’t need to worry about your food concerns while relaxing in a beach club. According to a common notion, the city of Dubai can be quite expensive.

But you can absolutely break these false notions by selecting from a range of clubs including budget-friendly as well as luxurious services. Pooling and recreational activities have also got their significant space in the city of Dubai. The best beach clubs in Dubai cannot be judged on the basis of expense. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the approximate price range of Dubai beach clubs?

The charging of the beach clubs depends on different aspects like the infrastructure, amenities, and luxury inside each of them. Affordable and high-end options are equally available in the city of Dubai. If they have got music shows and live performances, the amount can be in the higher range. However, an approximate range can be shown between 2000-8000 INR per night.

2. What to wear to Dubai Beach Clubs?

Anything that will comfort you would be perfect in the beach clubs of the city. All you need to remember is that the tropical climate of the city is not best for heavy party outfits. Hence dress up wisely when you attend a beach club in Dubai. But there isn’t any dress code in these clubs.
Additionally, if you would like to click pictures for your social media handles while clubbing in the city, we suggest you Google the pictures of your club and choose your outfits to match the color shades of the place. Thus you can be quite Pinterest-worthy with every click.

4. What are the recreational activities possible in a Dubai beach club vacation?

As a part of the beach club entries, you can have access to the recreational activities provided inside. The options available in each beach club will vary according to the landscape of the place and a lot of other factors.
However, the cruise is one of the most common recreational activities you can expect in the beach clubs of the city since all of them are located quite near the sea. Some luxurious beach clubs also do have provisions for Dubai Helicopter tours and so on. Desert Safari and horse riding are the others on the list.

5. Is there any beach free of cost in Dubai?

Jumeirah Open Beach welcomes you to chill and relax without expense in Dubai. 

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