Uncover The 10 Best Laundry Services In Dubai For A Crisp And Clean Look

Are you looking for the top laundry service provider in Dubai? Then read this article thoroughly because this article may help you to find out the best one.

Dubai is a bustling metropolis with a fast-paced lifestyle that leaves little time for housework like laundry. To alleviate this burden, many laundry services have sprung up throughout the city, providing excellent cleaning and pressing services.

In this article, we will highlight the best laundry services in Dubai to assist you in locating the best service for your needs. The options on this list cater to a wide range of customers and will leave your clothes looking fresh and clean, from low prices to professional service.

How Can You Select The Best Laundry Services In Dubai?

It’s a fast service; most companies offer express delivery services with which you will receive your laundry within 24 hours. Fourth, you get professional quality, as the laundry services are staffed by experienced professionals who have worked with every possible material or type of garment

Moreover, most laundry services now are greener than ever before thanks to improvements in machinery and cleaning solvents and detergents. In this article, we have gathered for you the best 10 laundry services in Dubai that are sustainable and reliable based on authentic reviews. 

Comprehensive List Of Best Laundry Services In Dubai

Here is the list of the 10 Best Laundry Services In Dubai, UAE.

1. Washmen Services (Laundry App Available)

Washmen Laundry and Dry Services is the best eco-friendly service dedicated to perfecting your clothes the way you want. Washmen are detail-oriented, and they care about your clothes. Not only your clothes, though, because they have a new service for cleaning your shoes; they have skilled shoe technicians who evaluate the condition and will let you know before they proceed with cleaning and repairing.

Washmen Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services

They also have a service for recycling home items, and guess what! any service you want is a click away on their application, besides messaging them on WhatsApp or calling them. They have a delivery service, and you have the option to choose the delivery time. You don’t even need to be at home for that. Their trained support agents’ working hours are pretty convenient between 9 AM to 11:30 PM.

Above all, they treat you well; their customer support is beyond satisfactory. If an item is lost or damaged-though we doubt the occurrence of this situation-, Washmen take accountability and will reimburse you as per their T&Cs.

If you are not satisfied with the cleaning or folding results, they will pick up your clothes and redo the process and turn back with no additional cost. Speaking of cost, time for money talk? No worries about that as well! They have convenient bundles for the bulks to be washed and folded. Save your laundry time and save the planet at the same time, Washmen are working on different projects to make their business as sustainable as they can. We trust them, and we think you should too!

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• cleaning shoes
• Repairing
• Recycling home items
Time 9 AM to 11:30 PM

2. Laundry Lounge- UAE’s 1st Self-Service Laundry

It is one of the cheapest laundry Dubai. It gives a home-like level of hygiene with no mixing of clothes. Delivery services are awesome, but laundry can be turned into an enjoyable experience with Laundry Lounge.

Laundry Lounge

It’s the first self-service laundry in UAE with a beautiful garden nearby, a coffee shop, and most importantly: fast, free wifi! Within only one hour, get your laundry done, with free folding service, hassle-free with affordable prices – which are listed on their website. They are located at Dubai Gate 1 Tower, Cluster Q2 (Near Damac Metro Station Exit 1) Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE. Their working hours are suitable from Mondays through Fridays between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM. In addition to that, they receive calls all days of the week till late. Try the Laundry Lounge and thank us later for an experience that smells like cappuccino and jasmine! 

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• Delivery services
• Free folding service
• Recycling home items
Time 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM
Contact+971-56- 478-0205

3. Blossom Laundry Dubai Marina

Book online in less than 60 seconds any laundry service you need with free pick-up and delivery service within 4 hours if you want their express service! Do you still need more information though to make up your mind? 

Blossom Cleaners provide the best quality service, combining the newest in technology and environmentally friendly equipment. To perfect your garments, they have a team of dry-cleaning professionals from the industry with decades of experience. Blossom Laundry Dubai Marina is one of the best laundry in Dubai marina and it provides various laundry services such as dry cleaning, eco-friendly wet cleaning, pressing, bedspread & comforters, best stain removal, and bridal cleaning. 

 Blossom Laundry Dubai Marina

They are also best known for its corporate laundry services in Dubai; they work with corporates such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Masti Restaurant, Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, and many others. 

They have six branches located at: Dubai Marina, JBR Walk, Business Bay, Palm Jumeirah, Al-Furjan Pavilion, and JVC Circle Mall. Their business hours are 7 days in a week between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, so almost all the time. Their website is pretty handy, and their price list is clear. Order online or call them; they have a toll-free number on their website. How easier can this get? 

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• Bedspread & comforters
• Best stain removal
• Bridal cleaning
Time10 Am – 10 Am
Contact+971 800 111222

4. Whites

Whites is a next-generation premium dry-cleaning laundry service. They offer the highest standards in garment care processing that is performed by highly skilled textile pros with the help of art machines and technologies. To start off, Whites has a very cool organized pricing list with suitable bundles and clear express service specifications. Their express service can be as fast as less than a 24-hour turnaround.


They also have clear instructions and detailed information about the cleaning process for the “Wash+Fold Bag” or the “Couture” services on their website so you may be aware of how your garments are being handled. They also provide “Bridal” service, giving each bridal gown individual care. 

They offer free pick-up and delivery service. They also redo the work should there ever be a reason you’re not satisfied with the results, with no questions asked. They have six branches, you can find them on their website. We trust Whites as they’re environmentally responsible and try best practices to minimize the negative impact on our environment. 

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• Free pick-up and delivery service
• Bridal cleaning
Time9 Am- 10 Pm

5. Smiley Laundry

Smiley laundry provides a variety of laundry services like washing, dry cleaning, ironing, and steam pressing, as well as cozy bedding and linens with special care to your delicate fabrics and dedication to perfectly remove hard stains.

Smiley Laundry

They also offer cleaning premium carpet laundry service with high-quality equipment and chemicals to remove dirt and allergies. It’s in one kind of service indeed!

They have adopted techniques that enable them to clean your garment using much lesser water, detergent, and other natural resources like electricity and gas. They use only environmentally safe detergents. Their website is pretty handy through which you can place an order, or you can WhatsApp or call them as well.

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• Free pick-up and delivery service
• Bridal cleaning
Time8 Am- 11 Pm
Contact+971 58 918 4120

6. Jadhaab Laundry 

JADHAAB Laundry is one of the best laundries in Dubai, as it offers numerous types of services such as dry cleaning, ironing, washing, drying and folding, wedding gown cleaning and restoration, professional garment repair and alteration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, etc. The Dubai laundry price list is mentioned in their website properly.

Jadhaab Laundry 

The services offered are carried out by experts; each garment receives individual care to achieve a perfect finish. It is highlighted that one of the services best valued by customers is the pick-up and delivery of the products. It’s fast and efficient, making deliveries in less than 24 hours.

They are quite spread across Dubai, and that makes it easier for customers from different parts of the city to access and enjoy their services. You can find JADHAAB Laundry in the following locations: Jumeirah Garden City, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre, City Walk, DIFC, Downtown, and finally Al Satwa.

Another advantage is easy communication; on their website, customers can find all the necessary contact information before ordering a service, being able to contact either through the website by filling out a form or even in a more informal way, via WhatsApp. You can also view useful information such as the price list. 

Both the business staff and the in-house technology employed make this place an efficient and flexible experience, but most of all a place that customers can trust. We said enough, time for you to check for yourself! Here is their website link

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• Ironing
• Folding
• Bridal cleaning
Time8.30 Am- 11.30 Pm
Contact+971 4 328 2777

7. SBZ Laundry & Dry cleaning 

SBZ Laundry & Dry cleaning is another one of the best laundry services you can find in Dubai. They have eco-friendly cleaning technology and high-quality biodegradable detergents that protect your skin, your health, your clothes, as well as the environment!

They offer a wide variety of laundry and dry-cleaning services for all possible daily needs of customers such as cleaning wedding dresses, curtains, carpets, rugs, comforters, and, of course, basic everyday fabrics. All of this is included in an ironing service that allows for a perfect, smooth, shiny, and fresh finish.

. SBZ Laundry & Dry cleaning 

One of the great advantages of SBZ Laundry & Dry cleaning is their fast pick-up and delivery service. So, if you are too busy to go to the store, the staff will pick up your order wherever you are and deliver it as soon as possible with no problems.

Efficiently enough, they offer a variety of services not only to individuals, but also to large businesses such as hotels, gyms, salons and spas, nursing homes, restaurants, organizations, and daycare centers. You can reach them through their email address, phone, as well as their social networks like Facebook and Instagram which make access easy for all types of public. 

SBZ Laundry & Dry cleaning is highly recommended as they have a professional team of specialists committed to working to the fullest using their expertise to provide the best possible quality service and to ensure that the customer’s experience is totally satisfactory.

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• Ironing
• Folding
• Everyday fabrics
• Fast pick-up and delivery service
Time7.30 Am- 1.30 Am
Contact+971 50 227 4707

8. BNK Bubbles

BNK Bubbles is a very popular home laundry service in Dubai created by three Algerian American brothers named Malek, Ahmed, and Omar who have great experience and engineering knowledge.  They are very committed to their work and at the same time, they bring innovative solutions as they consider how important the care of our clothes is. For them, every garment is more than just an object; it is something you have chosen and a reminder of what you have done and where you have been. It is something that represents you. Is there a more meaningful way to think about your garments? 

BNK Bubbles

They offer decent kinds of services such as hygienic and disinfectant treatments for carpet and curtain cleaning, delicate washing and drying of clothes, steam ironing, shoe cleaning, etc. On top of that, one of the techniques they use is called starching. It means processing the fabric with hygienic starching to achieve a stiff, and elegant result.

For BNK Bubbles, the environment is very important, and they are very conscious about it. Therefore, we would like to highlight one of their most demanded services by customers: eco-friendly dry cleaning that combines classic craftsmanship with 100% toxin-free technologies that are innovative, safe, and environmentally friendly, making BNK Bubble a greener dry-cleaning company in Dubai

You can find BNK Bubble in Tecom Jebel Ali Gardens, The Discovery Gardens, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, The Greens, and the Views, Emirates Hills, and lastly, DAMAC Hills. Not to mention the easy means of communication through calls, WhatsApp, or through the website: https://www.bnkbubbles.com/.  There you can also find the price list of the services and you can check that they are affordable for all types of customers.  Their working hours are from 9 AM to 9 PM.


BNK Bubbles is very reliable and recommended since their main goal is to establish great relationships with their clients to offer them more personalized and unique service. 

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• Steam ironing
• Folding
• Curtain Cleaning
• Fast pick-up and delivery service
Time9 Am- 9 Pm
Contact+971 56 132 8142

9. The Laundry Hub 

The Laundry Hub is located at the heart of Dubai that can meet all your needs as it offers quality service using the latest technology. This company works hard to ensure that its services are delivered on time. 

They offer exquisite services like starching, carpet shampooing- regardless of the size, steam ironing, wash and dry cleaning, etc. Professionally enough, they offer special laundry services for corporates. The selection of the products used (e.g. detergents), techniques, and dyes are adapted according to the fabric. These are all key elements for The Laundry Hub, making it a unique, reliable place.

The Laundry Hub

Since payment methods are usually an issue, their website made it easier for you, allowing you to place your order online with different types of payment methods such as online wallets, cards, Net banking, COD, etc. They have pretty convenient working hours; every day of the week from 9 AM to 10 PM. 

But how does The Laundry Hub work? The process is very simple. There are only four steps: First, you book online. Second, they pick up your laundry. Third, they clean and iron. Finally, they send you the order. Whether it’s folded or hung, they do it in just 24 hours (Express Delivery) or 48 hours (Normal Delivery). For Laundry Hub, people should have one less thing to worry about and that’s why they are here! 

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• Carpet shampooing
• Ironing
• Fast pick-up and delivery service
Time 9 AM to 10 PM
Contact+971 800 5482

10. Urban Wash – Drycleaning & Laundry 

UrbanWash is one of the most popular and best laundry services in Dubai with spread out locations such as Al Barsha, Al Furjan, Al Hammar, Al Jaddaf, Al Sufouh, Alwarqa, Arabian Ranches, Bur Dubai, Business Bay, City Walk, DIFC, DIP, Discovery Gardens, Downtown, Dubai Hills, Dubailand, Al Garhoud, JBR and JLT. It’s everywhere!

UrbanWash offers exclusive laundry service to customers thanks to its team of workers who know the best way to clean each garment by evaluating the fabric, making the customer experience one hundred percent satisfactory.

One of their unique services is the immediate delivery of the washed and folded clothes the day after collection. This laundry chain offers a wide range of services such as wet cleaning, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, slipper cleaning, laundry service, dry cleaning, eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning, and even unique cleaning methods for baby dresses.

Urban Wash

Their website offers an exclusive WhatsApp service for a quick and accurate order process. They are also active on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can always be updated with offers and discounts! Their opening hours are Saturdays through Thursdays from 8 AM to 10 PM and on Fridays, they only do pickup and delivery.

One of the great advantages is the 24-hour express laundry service. So, rest assured they will quickly and efficiently deliver the orders for you if are in a hurry while guaranteeing the best quality of service according to your specifications.

Available Services• Dry-Cleaning
• slipper cleaning
• Ironing
• wet cleaning
Time 8 AM to 11 PM
Contact+971 4 250 9000

Why You Should Not Select The Cheapest Laundry Service (Dont Prioritize price list)

Cheaper laundry services can be a good option for those who prioritize cost over other factors and are not too concerned with quality and convenience. However, it’s important to understand the trade-off and do your research to find the best service for your needs and budget. Take the time to read customer reviews and consider the pros and cons before making a decision.

Also, Pay attention to the feedback about the quality of cleaning, wait times, hours of operation, and accessibility of locations to help you make an informed decision.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is a laundry service worth it?

For busy people, a laundry delivery service can be a time-saving way to do laundry. It is also worthwhile for those who want their clothes to be treated in a unique way and not to suffer any damage

2. How do laundry services work?

Most home laundry services offer washing and folding services, as well as dry cleaning, and can even deliver your clothes in less than 24 hours. Many of these laundry services are environmentally friendly and accept special requests, such as the use of a particular detergent and/or bleach. Their main task is to provide the customer with a satisfactory experience from the pick-up time to the delivery. 

3. Can I get my laundry done in 24 hours?

Most laundries offer this express delivery service which is completely reliable. 

4. Are they able to remove all stains?

Most laundries carry out specialized high-tech processes to remove stains and restore color to garments. 

5. How much do laundry delivery services cost?

The cost of laundry delivery services can vary widely, depending on the delivery location and the company. Some companies offer pick-up and delivery as a free service, while others charge a small fee, depending on the location.

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