Bollywood Parks Dubai – Ticket Price, Opening Time, Nearby Attractions

Dubai is the world’s most preferred tourist place. Tourist enthusiasts crowd Dubai’s streets, popular attractions, malls, luxurious hotels, and theme parks. One such fascinating attraction of Dubai is Bollywood Parks Dubai. Moreover, it is heaven for Bollywood fans worldwide. 

There are many things to discover about Bollywood Parks Dubai, i.e., price, rules, attractions, and location. So, let’s uncover every detail of Bollywood Parks Dubai. Read this article completely know more about its Ticket price, opening time, nearby attractions, and available offers.

Overview of Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Parks Dubai is a remarkable place for Bollywood lovers. Also, you reminisce about your favorite classic Bollywood movie at every step of this park. For example, Lagaan, Sholay, Don, Krrish, etc.

Overview of Bollywood Parks Dubai

It has thrilling high-tech rides that make your journey in Bollywood Park Dubai more happening. Additionally, the rides have a Bollywood movie theme. The restaurants and shops at Bollywood Park Dubai also have a fascinating Bollywood design. 

You must have a ticket to enter Bollywood Parks, which includes the following:

  • One-day tour to experience Bollywood-inspired rides, restaurants, shows, and shops
  • Popular Bollywood movie sets and shows
  • Flyover rides over the legendary landmarks as portrayed in Bollywood movies, e.g., Krrish.
  • Explore 4D theater 
  • Rediscover behind the scenes and making process of your favorite Bollywood movies
  • Exhilarating children rides
  • Cafes and interactive dance shows
  • Unlimited entry to performances and rides

People find all Indian blockbusters and iconic movies in one place, Bollywood Parks. So, let’s discover its location. 

Where is Bollywood Parks Dubai?

Spread in the 1.7 million square feet area, Bollywood Parks Dubai is the world’s first and biggest Bollywood-themed park where you witness the live magic of your favorite movies. From rides to restaurants, everything at Bollywood Parks Dubai sets around prevalent Bollywood movies. It is a friendly place that offers an entertaining experience for everyone. 

Address: Bollywood Parks Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

So, include Bollywood Parks Dubai in your next Dubai trip to relive Bollywood movies. Let’s understand how you can get to Bollywood Parks Dubai. 

How to get to Bollywood Parks Dubai?

Tourists can easily reach Bollywood Parks Dubai because there are many ways to get there. Let’s look at all the ways to get to Bollywood Parks Dubai.

Private transport

By Car: You can conveniently reach Bollywood Parks Dubai by private car. It is nearby Dubai’s famous tourist location, i.e., Dubai Marina. So, you can ask anyone to reach your destination comfortably.

Public Transport

Option 1: You can take the Red Metro Line. Now, take the south route to the Jebel Ali station. Get down at the end of the station and look for a taxi. The taxi driver will cover the remaining distance between the station and the parks. 

Option 2: Another way is to take the Red Metro Line on the south route up to Ibn Battuta Metro Station. You can get on board bus DPR1 to reach Bollywood Parks Dubai. 

Bollywood Parks Dubai is located near two Airports in Dubai. Here are the ways to reach Bollywood Parks Dubai from these two airports. 

  1. Dubai International Airport: You can find taxis or hire a private car at the Airport. Furthermore, travel to the south on Sheikh Zayed Road, E11. It takes you toward Abu Dhabi. Forty minutes later, you will reach your destination, Bollywood Parks Dubai, after passing through Jabel Ali Road. However, it might take 50 minutes if there is more traffic in that area.
  2. Al Maktoum International Airport: You can easily reach Bollywood Parks Dubai from Al Maktoum International Airport because it is located in proximity. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to arrive at Dubai Parks and Resorts from this Airport. Go south towards Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, E11. Turn right as the park is situated on the right side. 

These were some most comfortable ways to reach Dubai Parks and Resorts. Select the one that suits you and witness the epic Bollywood-themed park. There are tons of things to do and enjoy at this place. So, we’ll look at things you can do in Bollywood Parks Dubai.

Things to do in Bollywood Parks Dubai?

Gift Shops

You can purchase gifts at several gift shops as a souvenir from Bollywood Parks Dubai. So, let’s look at some popular gift shops where you can buy a lovely gift for yourself or loved ones.

Heroes Vault: What name comes to mind after hearing ‘Bollywood Superheroes?’ G.One or Krrish, right? Here, you will find superhero gift items inspired by Ra. One and Krrish movies. Also, the theme of this shop is based on these superheroes.

Bollywood Bazaar: Bollywood Bazaar is another heaven for Bollywood lovers if Bollywood Parks isn’t enough. It is an incredible gift shop where you can collect the best souvenirs of legendary Bollywood movies. You get fashion-related items, accessories, handcrafted products, etc. Additionally, here you can find Bollywood-related fashionable, ethnic, and handcrafted clothes. Finally, the store has a unique collection of lifestyle items that can be the most suitable gift for your close friends.

Bollywood Bazaar

Mumbai Bazaar: Mumbai is the prominent shooting place for Bollywood movies like California is for Hollywood. You will discover the unmissable Don merchandise at Mumbai Bazaar. Also, its design will remind you of the traditional cinemas of India. 

Desi Emporium: Desi Emporium offers an exciting combination of collectible gift items and Indian sweets. An ideal place for Bollywood lovers and sweet tooths. Collect a variety of Bollywood souvenirs at Desi Emporium and simultaneously shop for delicious Indian desserts.


You will find enormous food joints and dining places at Bollywood Parks Dubai. Everything will remind you of India, especially Mumbai. You must try these restaurants if you love Indian Cuisine and want to indulge in spicy food. 

Here are some restaurants offering delicious food:

Spicy Dhaba: The structure of Spicy Dhaba is similar to the roadside restaurants you find on Indian Highways. Spicy Dhaba offers the authentic taste of Punjabi Dhabas. You get curries and tandooris in combination with a hint of homemade Indian pickles. Also, every bite at Spicy Dhaba makes you experience India’s traditional dishes. 

Spicy Dhaba

Studio Canteen: Studio Canteen is perfect for people who want a quick snack. The menu at the cafe is vast and provides you with a balanced combination of hot and cold dishes. You get western food, such as pizza, burgers, nachos, pasta, and sandwiches. Also, the cafe curates tasty beverages that every kid will love. 

Bol Gappa: Another Bollywood-themed restaurant in Dubai Parks and Resorts is Bol Gappa. From Indian Delicacies to mouth-watering western fast food, Bol Gappa has everything on the menu. The entire area has pictures and designs of classic Bollywood movies.

Jumbo Cafe: Expect the king-like entry and indulge in delicious food at Jumbo Cafe. The cafe has traditional Indian palace architecture built on a more lavish scale. It serves Indian food, beverages, ice creams, patisseries, cakes, and more. 

Jumbo Cafe

Apart from dining places, you can explore thrilling rides and get the Bollywood cinematic experience. So, let’s look at these exploration places and rides. 

Explore the Bollywood Parks Dubai

Lagaan: The thrill of victory

People worldwide say that Lagaan is one of the best Bollywood movies ever made. The movie created International buzz and records. You can participate in the Bhunav’s historic victory against the Britishers at Bollywood Parks Dubai. Set in a motion simulator where you experience the finest view of the prestigious cricket match, village, terrain & farms, etc. 

Lagaan The thrill of victory

The roller coaster simulator gives you an adrenaline rush. You feel proud, happy, and sentimental witnessing a classic match in the simulator.

Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival

Step into the world of Champaner village from Lagaan at Champaner Cricket Carnival. The spot allows you to witness the ethnic life of an Indian village. Also, you can jump on the Ferris Wheel ride. The tastiest snack items are everywhere at this Carnival. You can shop for traditional Indian trinkets similar to the ones shown in the movie Lagaan.

Monsoon Masti

Another specialty of a romantic Bollywood movie is the portrayal of monsoon scenes. Also, you get to experience the same at the Monsoon Masti ride at Bollywood Parks Dubai. The ride spins at fixed intervals. It is a four-seater ride that consists of water guns. The water gun sprays and showers on the riders and bystanders periodically. 

Monsoon Masti

Rodeo ki Sawari

Rodeo ki Sawari is a kid-friendly ride inspired by villages of India. It spins thrice and produces adrenaline and thrill in the riders. The rodeo ride moves at 10 RPM speed and is safe for small children. Moreover, kids can board rides with adults. It can accommodate two adults to accompany their kids. 

Hawa Hawai

Hawa Hawai is the twelve-seater thrilling ride where you lie down on your stomach. Furthermore, the ride rotates in a clockwise direction. So, you feel the wind touching your face each time it rotates. The look of the ride is fascinating, colorful, and extremely vibrant. It makes you feel as if you were flying like a bird. 

Hawa Hawai

Sholay: The hunt for Gabbar Singh

Sholay is Bollywood’s gem and is every Indian’s favorite. The ride lasts up to 19 minutes, and you get to experience the world of Sholay. It is a 3D interactive zone where you are armed with laser guns to shoot the iconic villain, Gabbar Singh. You hunt and shoot him down in this 3D ride. 

Tanga No 13

You will find Tanga as a preferred ride in classic Bollywood movies. People would travel using Tanga from one place to another. The good news is that you can experience it at the Tanga No 13 ride. It is a family-friendly ride that moves like a wave. Tanga No 13 promises excitement in riders every second. 

Tanga No 13

Abra ka Dabra

One of the amusing rides in Bollywood Parks Dubai is Abra ka Dabra which guarantees to supply you with adrenaline. The stimulating ride stays afloat and moves like a bouncy wave. Moreover, Abra ka Dabra takes twists, swivels, scoots, and circular motions in its duration. So, you should board this ride if you love fast-paced rides.

Bollywood sky flyer

Do you know that the Bollywood sky flyer is the world’s tallest swing ride? The 460 feet ride glides up and down and drops at an exciting speed. In addition, you enjoy the magnificent view of the park and vicinity from the 460 feet height on this ride.

Bollywood sky flyer

Taxi No 1 Rocket

Experience Mumbai Taxi’s feel in the Taxi No 1 Rocket ride at Bollywood Parks Dubai. The turbulent ride tilts, climbs, drops, and accelerates its speed constantly. 

Ra.One: Unleashed

Watch Ra. One getting unleashed and G.One’s journey to defeat him in the 4D virtual simulation ride known as Ra. One Unleashed. This time, Ra. One becomes more powerful and unbeatable than before. 

Ra.One Unleashed

Krrish: Hero Flight

Fly like Krrish over the beautiful landscape of India in the Krrish Hero Flight ride. The 4D virtual simulation provides you with a view of attractive landmarks. It allows you to witness Krrish’s success in saving Earth from Alien Invasion.

Cinemagic featuring Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Get behind the scenes of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in this ride’s 30 minutes duration. You also get insights into pre-production works and the entire filmmaking process of this blockbuster movie.

Rajmahal Theatre

The Rajmahal Theatre hosts opulent live shows for 856 people in a single runtime. Here, you witness the evolution of Indian Cinema following the latest technology. It comprises an excellent set and lavish background.

Rajmahal Theatre

Wheels of Stars

It is the 180 feet tall Ferris wheel that gives you an overview of Bollywood Parks Dubai. The ride features popular Bollywood characters. It looks charming at night due to the colorful lightning.

Wheels of Stars

Don: The chase

Enter the world of the Mafia, Interpol, and Fierce people who are chasing each other in Dubai. It is a 3D ride that offers you to experience the live chase between Interpol Agent and Don.

Best time to visit Bollywood Parks Dubai

Before considering visiting Bollywood Parks Dubai, you must know the best time to catch everything. 

Best timings of the park:

  • From Saturday to Thursday: 1 PM to 10 PM
  • On Fridays: The park opens at 1 PM and closes at 11 PM only on Fridays. 

Ticket prices and availability

The one-time ticket prices of Bollywood Parks Dubai:

  • Gold Pass: AED 595
  • Silver Pass: AED 495
  • Platinum Pass: AED 795
  • Ticket for Dubai resident: AED 149

You can get an Annual Pass if you visit the parks thrice a year.


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Nearby attractions of Bollywood Parks Dubai

Following is the list of nearby attractions of Bollywood Parks Dubai that you enjoy:

  • Motiongate Dubai
  • Legoland Dubai
  • Riverland Dubai
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • DreamWorks Motiongate
  • Capitol Bullet Train
  • Action Park Paintball

Things to consider before you go (Rules and guidelines)

Remember below mentioned things before you visit Bollywood Park Dubai:

  • You cannot cancel, re-sell, exchange, or transfer your ticket.
  • Smoking is prohibited at Bollywood Parks Dubai because it is a family park.
  • Your ticket is valid till seven days after purchase.
  • Visitors can only take inside food in the park.

Park Services

park services include:


There are two ATM booths in Bollywood Parks Dubai. One is inside the Guest Service Office, and the other is in Entry Plaza.

First Aid

The first aid services are available during the park’s opening hours. So, you can contact the Guest Service Office for first aid if you get any injuries.


Visitors can rent lockers to secure their precious items at Bollywood Parks Dubai. You can find locker service at the Guest Service Office and Entry Plaza.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking Fountains are present at the entry point of the park.


You can rent a stroller for your baby at the Guest Service Office in Bollywood Parks Dubai.


Disabled or aged people can get wheelchair service in Bollywood Boulevard’s Guest Service Office.

Parking facilities in Bollywood Parks Dubai

  • Visitors at Bollywood Parks Dubai get free parking services.
  • You must pay AED 100 for valet parking in the P1 slot. However, Annual Pass holders get free valet parking. 
  • Taxicabs and other drop-off vehicles must park at the Taxi Center of P1 Parking slot. 
  • Particular parking slots for disabled people are also available in Bollywood Park Dubai. 

Witness a real-world Bollywood movie experience at Bollywood park. The park has a Bollywood set-like design that gives you the vibe of being on the set and experiencing live movie shooting. All places at the theme park have a legendary Bollywood movie styling.

Bollywood Parks Dubai provides you with a lifetime experience to relive the action, romance, drama, and thrill as Bollywood showcases in the movies. There are many other cafes and dining places at Bollywood Parks Dubai where you can get authentic Indian taste. Hence, it is a much-recommended theme park for tourists visiting Dubai.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the owner of Bollywood Parks Dubai?

DXB Entertainment owns Bollywood Parks Dubai.

2. Can I bring outside food to Bollywood Parks Dubai?

Visitors cannot bring outside food inside the park.

3. Are rides at Bollywood Parks Dubai exciting?

All the rides at Bollywood Parks Dubai are enjoyable, family-friendly, and exciting.

4. How many rides can I expect at Bollywood Parks Dubai?

There is a total of 26 rides at Bollywood Parks Dubai.

5. Contact details of Bollywood Parks Dubai?

You can contact Bollywood Parks Dubai via the following ways:
Email Address: [email protected]
Contact Number: +971 56 688 1887

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