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Best Cleaning Companies In Dubai: Highly Rated Firms In 2023



Best Cleaning Companies In Dubai

Looking for top-rated cleaning services in Dubai? Read on to find out about the best cleaning companies in Dubai that can transform your home or office into a pristine space!

Having a neat and tidy home and office space is considered to be beneficial for a lot of reasons. People feel more comfortable and sociable when their homes are kept clean and are motivated to work more efficiently in office spaces that are more orderly and organized. 

However, most working people may find it difficult to allot time for what can actually be a soothing and relaxing exercise: cleaning stuff. 

Not in the least considered to be a glamorous or enjoyable task, cleaning things can also be complicated and lead to bodily harm or cause other damages when not done professionally. There are many dedicated teams of cleaning professionals who are supplied with the right equipment and apt cleaning products for solving a variety of your cleaning needs. And Dubai is rife with companies that provide these cleaning solutions.

Top 10 Cleaning Companies In Dubai

In Dubai, there are plenty of cleaning companies to choose from, but not all of them offer the same level of quality and reliability. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of the best cleaning companies in Dubai

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Sparkling Windows 
  • Cleanit YNA Cleaning Services LLC
  • Plus Point Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Dubai Clean
  • Busybees Dubai
  • Schon Cleaning Services
  • Rhino Dubai
  • MH Cleaning Services
  • Squeaky Clean

1. Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a well-established cleaning service provider which tops our list of best cleaning companies in Dubai. They have been operating since 2009 around most areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Spring Cleaning

They provide a variety of home cleaning and maid services with fully trained, uniformed, and professional team members. Residents can hire their services through online/WhatsApp booking services and they offer a 100 percent guarantee of quality and satisfaction. 


  • Residential Cleaning: Professional Villa and Apartment Cleaning services are provided through fully trained Filipina cleaners who work as part-time housemaids for your home. 
  • Commercial Cleaning: They help maintain a clean working environment for your office through services including floor clearing, and desks to kitchenettes deep cleaning with scrubbed, washed, and polished spaces using specialties cleaning methods and chemicals. 
  • Sofa and Carpet Cleaning: Helps remove dirt, dust, bugs, and hair (pets) from carpets, sofas, beds, mattresses, etc. Upholstery shampoo and steaming services are available along with complete sanitizing kits. 
  • Deep Cleaning: Interior/exterior window cleaning, cabinet cleaning, removal of spots and dirt using high-pressure steam, cleaning appliances including refrigerator, washing machines, dishwashers, AC vents, ceiling fans, etc. 
  • They also provide home moving help and babysitting services through affiliated agencies and sister companies. 

2. Sparkling Windows

Sparkling Windows is a British cleaning solutions company in Dubai that provides deep cleaning services for corporate office windows and private home settings alike.

Sparkling Windows Dubai

They mainly focus on providing cost-effective cleaning solutions through the use of eco-friendly cleaning products for hard-to-reach or inaccessible windows. 

They have a team of professional and highly trained staff with suitable equipment and experience for carrying out a variety of cleaning services.


  • Window Clean: Full inside and out window cleaning services, window frame and seal detailing services, etc are provided by trained experts with decades of experience. 
  • Deep Shampoo Clean: Deep shampoo scrub, dry vacuuming of furniture, carpets, etc, and wet vacuuming of stains, dust, and grime build-up are provided. 
  • Disinfection and Sanitization: Using bio-safe and Dubai municipality-approved chemicals, they provide high-quality disinfection from viruses, bacteria, and fungi that are effective for up to 2 weeks. 
  • Steam Clean: Pressure steam washes are used for removing grease, grime, and all kinds of stains from kitchen appliances including ovens, AC grills, and other devices. 
  • Commercial Cleaning: They provide specialist teams for storefront and signage cleaning and include full business detailing services. 
  • Outdoor Cleaning: Using pressurized jet washes they provide high-quality cleaning services for balconies, terraces, decking, villa exterior cleaning, etc. 

3. Cleanit YNA Cleaning Services LLC 

Cleanit boasts a team of 100+ professionals that are well-versed in modern cleaning solutions in dubai covering a wide range of home and commercial cleaning requirements. They provide a 24/7 online booking service and their services are available all days of the week. 

Cleanit YNA Cleaning Services LLC

Cleanit background checks its employees before hiring and guarantees professional and well-mannered service. They prioritize environmental safety and only include green products for cleaning. 


  • Residential Cleaning: Their residential cleaning services include Main services, house cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning services, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, ironing, pest control, and water tank cleaning. 
  • Commercial Cleaning: Office cleaning, window & glass cleaning, school/university cleaning, retail/shopping malls cleaning, after-party/event cleaning, restaurant cleaning, hotel cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, post-construction cleaning, etc. are included in their commercial cleaning services. 

4.Plus Point Cleaning and Maintenance

Plus Point is a popular cleaning and maintenance hiring service provider that is available around various cities in the UAE, including Dubai.

Plus Point Cleaning and Maintenance

Their services are provided 24/7 with same-day service availability and future date bookings. They have well-trained staff and provide annual maintenance contract services also. 


  • AC Cleaning/Repair: Cleaning, flushing, and disinfection of coils, filters, drainage pan, air duct/vents/grills/diffusers cleaning, etc are provided along with repair services. 
  • Glass Cleaning: Billboards, external linkways, interior and exterior high-rise walls, etc. are cleaned using high-end equipment. Facade cleaning, cement removal, window washing, and high-pressure cleaning, are also included. 
  • Deep Cleaning: Wet and dry vacuuming for buildings including interiors and regular deep cleaning, scrubbing, etc to remove dust, dirt, grease, etc from countertops, light fixtures, woodwork, ceiling fans, and other surfaces. 
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Remove stains and dirt from carpets, curtains, mattresses, sofas, etc. using a wide range of cleaning solutions,
  • Tank Cleaning: Includes concrete water tanks, underground water tanks, industrial water tanks, swimming pool water tanks, molded fiberglass tanks, commercial water tanks, residential water tanks, etc. 
  • They also provide handyman services that currently include water pump repair and installation. 

5. Dubai Clean

In terms of the number of services provided, Dubai Clean is one of the most versatile companies on this list with a whole range of cleaning and maintenance services along with technical works. 

dubai clean

Operating from the Diamond Business Center, Dubai Clean offers tailored cleaning plans according to the needs of the site and sends a professional team with suitable equipment for dealing with a variety of cleaning methods. Apart from providing for residential and individual maid service needs, Dubai clean also offers specialized services for cleanups related to post-construction, airports and airlines, medical facilities, entertainment venues, sports and fitness centers, schools and universities, etc. 


  • Commercial Cleaning: Floor waxing, carpet cleaning, wet and dry mopping, upholstery cleaning, safe trash removal, pantry cleaning, grout, and tile cleaning, etc. 
  • Window Cleaning: Removes dirt, grime, grease, and other airborne contaminants from all kinds of windows using professional-grade glass squeegee equipment. 
  • Maid Services: Full/Part-time services or hourly-based service help can be hired from Dubai Clean for a variety of cleaning solutions including wet and dry mops, sweeping, upholstery cleaning, vacuuming, scrubbing, bathroom cleaning, etc. 
  • Some of the other services provided include Painting services, floor maintenance, ac duct cleaning, electrical works, plumbing works, installations for marble flooring, tile flooring, false ceiling, etc., and maintenance for ac, water tank, and pest control services. 

6. Busybees Dubai 

BusyBees is an ISO-certified boutique cleaning company that mainly provides services for residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and building maintenance.

Busy bees Dubai

The company has been providing its services since 2008 in Dubai with over 12 growing partners and 65 employees per franchise they run. 

BusyBees uses only environmentally friendly products for delivering their specialized high-quality cleaning services. 


  • Residential Cleaning Services: It includes deep cleaning services, move-in/out cleaning, outdoor cleaning, steam cleaning and sanitizing, post-construction cleaning, after-party cleaning, and water tank cleaning. 
  • Commercial Cleaning: Deep cleaning services for hospitals, clinics, SPAs, hotels and entertainment venues, offices and office buildings, retail, and luxury shops, etc. 
  • Other Services Include furniture cleaning, AC duct cleaning, pest and rodent control, maintenance services, and special disinfection services for Covid19 (certified by Dubai Municipality).
  • They are currently offering their services at a discount of 20 percent on deep cleaning along with free disinfection for 1BHK to 5BHK home spaces.

7. Schon Cleaning Services LLC

Schon Cleaning Services offers professional cleaning services through easy-to-make appointments from their website. You can configure your cleaning needs, how often you need them and on what days, how many cleaners you need, the requirement of cleaning materials, etc.

Schon Cleaning Services L.L.C

from their website or simply contact them on WhatsApp or on the telephone for assistance in booking your appointments. Schon provides same-day availability with 100 percent satisfaction guarantees for its services. 


  • Residential Cleaning: Dusting, wiping, and vacuuming floors, appliances, tables, chairs, countertops, and general surfaces, etc. emptying and cleaning trash bags, straightening up small objects, and more. 
  • Commercial Cleaning: Cleaning of offices and other commercial establishments with tailor-fit solutions using free cleaning supplies. 
  • Deep Cleaning: Cleans internal surfaces of appliances and hard-to-reach surfaces. This service is recommended if you haven’t had your place professionally cleaned in 2 months. 
  • Kitchen Cleaning: Grime, grease, oil splashes, etc. require special cleaning done on every corner of the kitchen including hidden areas. This type of cleaning is recommended once every 3 months.
  • Other services include special event cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, sanitizing services, professional ironing, etc. 

8. Rhino Dubai

With over 2500 clients served since its launch in 2008, Rhino has become one of the leading cleaning companies in Dubai. Their professional cleaning solutions have been delivered consistently over the years and set industrial standards.

Rhino Dubai

Their services are insured and provided by qualified professionals who prioritize deriving 100% customer satisfaction. 

Benefits and Services: 

  • Commercial Cleaning: Rhino offers a range of cleaning services for retail spaces, commercial kitchens, storage facilities, hotels, industrial cleaning, medical facilities, universities and other public institutions, etc. among other establishments. 
  • Maids Services: Rhino sends individual and dedicated teams of maids on hourly rates for providing a variety of services including washing and ironing, floor polishing, vacuuming and mopping, bathroom cleaning, air vents cleaning, wall and ornament cleaning, etc. 
  • Industrial Cleaning: They have a team of trained professionals who have experience with de-greasing hard floors, construction site cleaning, lighting, equipment cleaning, and dealing with industrial plants and factories. 
  • Event Cleaning: Road sweeping, litter picking, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, toilet and washroom, removal/disposal of trash and recycling from the event site, etc. are of the services provided here. 
  • Other services include disinfection and sanitizing services using CDC-approved and EPA-registered tools certified by various labs and authorities. They also provide school bus assistance services.

9. MH Cleaning Services 

MH has over a decade of experience providing high-grade cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients.

MH Cleaning Services 

They have long since been established as a professional cleaning service provider approved by the Dubai Municipality and with over 99% satisfied users. 

You can browse their services and make your bookings online or through mobile or WhatsApp. 


  • Offices and Commercial Cleaning: They provide suitable cleaning solutions to various offices and commercial properties all over Dubai. Tailor-made solutions are prioritized along with planned supervision and on-site monitoring.
  • Residential Cleaning: Having served over 720 clients in the residential sector over the years, MH is familiar with the usual requirements.
  • Clinics Cleaning: MH provides professional-grade cleaning solutions for healthcare centers and community clinics abiding by all the current Health and Safety standards and other regulations. 
  • Deep Cleaning: Their deep cleaning services help cover specialized areas like air-conditioning blades and vents, and also closets, cupboards, and ceiling fans, and provide a finishing buffing of the floors for a shiny appearance. 
  • Other services include move-in and move-out cleaning and school and nursery cleaning.

10. Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean promises to provide professional cleaning services with easy online booking in 4 steps. With specialization in detailed cleaning, they offer comprehensive cleaning solutions at hourly rates. 

Squeaky Clean Dubai

The management envisages a Green Earth future and includes the use of only environmentally friendly products for their cleaning processes. 


  • Maid Services: They provide dusting and cleaning of all surfaces in the kitchen along with vacuuming and mopping of floors. They help clean and sterilize bathrooms and toilets and polish all mirrors and fixtures in other rooms including the bedroom and living rooms. 
  • Upholstery Services: Squeaky Clean can help give your furniture a new lease on life with professional vacuuming and restoration services specialized for carpets, furniture, and upholstery items. 
  • Deep Cleaning: Their deep cleaning services include steam cleaning for removing mold, stains, etc. on fittings and floors and inside the fridge and oven. They also help clean inside cabinets, windows, balcony cleaning, etc. 
  • Other services include the Party Helpers service where they help set up parties including the decorations and furniture and the clean-up afterward. Full steaming services and ironing, interior windows cleaning, inside oven, etc. 

Why Hire a Professional cleaning company In Dubai?

Cleanliness is very important in a private home space as it will help you relax and find peace after a day of hard work. Office spaces also require a clean and uncluttered layout for boosting productivity and securing the reputation of the company among its customers. 

Professional cleaning company In Dubai

Cleaning companies bring professional help for tending to your cleaning needs around your house or office. Choosing the right cleaning company and opting for the right services are important to have an effective cleaning experience. By communicating the right nature of work and services required, the cleaning company will send the right team with the required equipment for carrying out the tasks. With this, you can cut down on expenses and save precious time.

You should look for cleaning companies that adhere to sustainable cleaning practices which can contribute to a healthier and more environmentally friendly space.  You can also check out Renue Commercial for more cleaning services.

Things To Check Out Before Selecting the Best Cleaning Company in Dubai

  • Professionalism and Reliability: The best cleaning companies have a well-trained and professional team of cleaners who showcase courteous behavior and experience in carrying out cleaning tasks fast and effectively. The company should be quick to respond to bookings and delivery of services and should offer various industrial standards including insurance.
  • Range of Cleaning Services Offered: Top cleaning companies will offer a diverse range of cleaning solutions covering all areas of your home and office. The cleaning team members should be able to deal with a variety of items and surfaces ranging from upholstery and carpet works to kitchen appliances and utensils. 
  • Use of Environmentally-friendly Products: Reputable cleaning companies have made the switch to using Green and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and products. Such companies adhere to the social responsibilities of businesses and are paving the way for a cleaner future. 
  • Pricing and Value for Money: Top cleaning companies will provide high-grade cleaning solutions at reasonable rates. Their services should provide value for money and their rates should reflect the quality of their services. 

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Company in Dubai?

  • Consider Your Cleaning Needs: What is the nature of the cleaning work that you need help with? How many cleaners do you think you will need? What kind of cleaning products will be required for the work? 
best cleaning company in dubai

These are some of the questions that will help you determine the kind of service you should hire. For specific cleaning tasks like window cleaning in large office buildings or apartments, there are dedicated teams of cleaners available. For upholstery work and carpet deep cleaning and vacuuming, you will need different cleaners who are experienced with that. To find out what cleaning tasks you want to delegate and then look for the best cleaning companies in Dubai which will serve all your needs. 

Evaluate the Company’s Reputation

  • Look for user reviews on Google and check out their website. Many reputable cleaning companies will display details regarding the number of clients served and years of experience in the field.
  • They will also show what clients they partner with or have worked with and endorses them. You may wish to look for previous users of their services and enquire about the quality of work delivered in the past.

Compare Services and Prices

  • A lot of cleaning companies, including the ones we’ve listed here, provide an estimated quote of the service fee required based on the information you give. Some companies may run a free site analysis for ascertaining costs before you choose to hire them.
  • We recommend that you locate your nearest cleaning companies and contact their customer service line to get an estimate. You can compare the prices given and may choose to go with the one that you feel most comfortable with. 

Check for Certifications and Insurance Coverage

  • Almost all good cleaning companies will provide insurance coverage for their services rendered. Enquire about damage coverage in case the company doesn’t specify any such provision on their website or during the service offer.
  • Also, look for certifications from the Dubai Municipality and other health-related certifications to ensure safe cleaning practices are followed. 

Dubai has a plethora of cleaning companies that offer a wide range of services. We’ve attempted to list here some of the most popular, widely used, and high-rated companies that deliver cleaning services. 

This list of the best cleaning companies in Dubai is in no way a comparative analysis. All the companies listed here have their own pros and cons and customers should choose the ones that fit their needs. 

Some of the key takeaways from this review are that almost all cleaning companies listed here provide Insurance coverage for their services, provide same-day delivery, and offer a wide range of services. The products and equipment used by them are modern and follow the norms set for supporting a sustainable Green future. 

Residents of Dubai can hire any of them based on their location and preferences. They provide a wide array of services with professionalism and have displayed great customer satisfaction records in the past. 

Supporting your local businesses is also important and we hope this article helps you to communicate a better deal from your nearby cleaning teams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the normal hourly rates for cleaning companies in Dubai?

AED 35-45 is considered to be the average for cleaning companies in Dubai. But of course, they vary based on your specific cleaning needs and the types of services hired. 

2. What kind of training is given to the staff?

The cleaning staff is trained to deal with a variety of services and the products/equipment they need to use. They are also given customer service training for professionally dealing with clients. 

3. Are cleaning services covered by Insurance?

All the cleaning companies included in our list provide some kind of risk coverage for damages involved during service delivery. We suggest you contact their customer service team for the full details based on your specific requirements. 

4. What kind of certifications should I look for in cleaning companies?

Some companies will have certifications from the Dubai Municipality for safe practices. Additionally, an ISO 9001 certification will show that the company has the necessary quality control checks in place. 

5. Are all cleaning supplies included in the cleaning service fee?

For most cleaning equipment used like vacuums, the cleaning fees only include a nominal amount. However, other products like detergent and bottled cleaning solutions used may be included in the cost as they will be given to you for reuse after the cleaning. 

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