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Best Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi: Price, Packages, Rating, Location & More



Best Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

If you like to enjoy Arabian nights, then desert safari in Abu Dhabi will surely fascinate you. Abu Dhabi is blessed with gold sand dunes and has become an iconic place for desert camps or desert safaris.

To get Arabian night vibes, the evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi is suitable for you. Usually, all desert safaris consist the dune bashing, sandboarding, sand skiing, quad biking, camel rides, and many more. On the other hand, if you want to fill your night with entertainment, then there are a number of traditional performances available for you in abu Dhabi.

If you want to get the desert safari experience in Abu Dhabi, then you can check out this article and get complete information about the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi, including evening desert safari, overnight desert safari, tips for desert safari, best desert safaris, and many more.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Vs Dubai Desert Safari

Many visitors plan trips to Abu Dhabi or Dubai for desert safari because there is something noteworthy or matchless experience from it. Spending the day or night on a desert safari helps you to experience the strength of your life.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Vs Dubai Desert Safari

It is true that a number of visitors are looking for the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi and the best desert safari in Dubai, but there are a number of distinct factors in both. Which desert safari is best, either Abu Dhabi or Dubai? It is important for visitors to clear this fact before booking the best desert safari in UAE.

  • Abu Dhabi administrators are more expensive than Dubai, but in most cases, the total cost remains the same for both.
  • In this case, it may chance that any desert safari in Dubai does not give you the exact services that they charged for. They do not pick you up from where you stay or do not drop you at your point.
  • Here the role of abu dhabi desert safaris comes. Desert safaris in abu dhabi provide you with professional pickup and drop services at your point. They can also provide luxury-class vehicles to satisfy the customer.
  • Abu Dhabi desert safari is highly improved than Dubai. During the desert safari in abu dhabi, you can get better tents, food, or belly dance.
  • In Abu Dhabi desert safari packages prices are low compared to Dubai
  • You can try the henna tattoo, dune bashing, and quad biking. Also, you can enjoy unrecorded music, DJ, or stage performance during the desert safari in abu dhabi.
  • You will definitely love the abu dhabi climate for a desert safari more than Dubai.
  • The best thing is that the visitors can get 45 minutes to enjoy activities during desert safaris in abu dhabi, but visitors only get 15 minutes to enjoy the activities in Dubai.
  • The abu dhabi hills are another beneficial factor that makes the desert safari in abu dhabi better than Dubai.

So, from the above facts, it is clear that the desert safari in abu dhabi is much better than the desert safari in Dubai.

Why should you go on a desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is a well-known place for a number of things. Your trip to abu dhabi is incomplete without having the evening desert safari package. There are overnight Abu Dhabi desert safari packages also available to make a memorable trip to abu dhabi. The features of the best desert safari in abu dhabi include

  • Camel ride
  • Dune bashing,
  • VIP services,
  • ATV bike ride,
  • Live performances,
  • Shows

What do you get in an evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

The evening desert safari in abu dhabi provides the actual experience of luxury, comfort, richness, and extravagance in fun activities.

  •  Pick and drop facilities from your central location in Abu Dhabi
  • On the fantastic evening desert safari, you will surely get the thrill of dune-bashing activities in a land cruiser
  • You will also be fascinated by the ATV quad biking with flavoured and falcon hukkah
  • Enjoys the sand boarding and complimentary camel ride at the desert camp
  • You can also entertain yourself at live dancers’ performances by watching fire shows, tanoura dances, and belly dance
  • Enjoys delicious food with water, soft drinks, coffee, or tea

What did you get in an overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

There are many activities included in the overnight desert safari package in abu dhabi. Here is the list of things that you get in an overnight desert safari in abu dhabi that make your trip special and unforgettable

  •  Get the amazing dune drive with a professional desert safari guide
  • Enjoys the sand boarding and camel ride
  •  Enjoys the luxury BBQ dinner that consists of arab delicacies. You can book vegetarian or non-vegetarian food here, according to your want.
  • After enjoying the lavish BBQ dinner, you can also try the Arabic smoke, which is known as “ shisha”. If you can like it, you can try it in more flavours.
  •  You can spend your whole night in a functional and fully secure campsite. There are comfortable blankets, bags, and tents also available for visitors.
  • During the overnight stay in Abu Dhabi, the campsite provides you with separate toilet facilities for both men and women.
  • The overnight desert safari stays in abu dhabi are also known as sunset views. With the overnight desert safari package, you get the chance to enjoy the sunrise views also in the early morning.

List of the best desert safaris in abu Dhabi

Here is the list of top desert safari in abu dhabi, with duration, customer reviews, and price.

  • 4-hour morning desert safari with sandboarding and camel ride
  • Half-day desert safari
  • 7 hours desert safari with BBQ, sandboarding, and camel ride
  • Sunrise desert safari tour
  • Evening desert safari

1. 4-hour morning desert safari with sandboarding and camel ride

You can discover the beaten-track desert locations by booking the 4-hour morning desert safari in abu dhabi. It includes dune bashing, camel ride, or sandboarding with this package. Travel between locations in 4WD land cruisers and sturdy areas can make access to you the stunning off-road locations

4-Hour Morning Desert Safari With Sandboarding And Camel Ride in abu dhabi

Duration– 4 hours

Price– 205 AED

Customer review– 5/5

2. Half-day desert safari

Half-day desert safari is best for you if you want to experience the life of abu dhabi in deserts. You can board your 4*4 vehicle and make your way toward the dunes to enjoy the well-planned desert camps or safaris. Here, you can

Half-day desert safari Abu dhabi

learn about the bedouin lifestyle when you ride a smoke sheesha, camel, or get a henna tattoo. The best thing is that you can get a delicious barbecue dinner and enjoyment from belly dance or tanoura dance during the half-day desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Duration– 3 hours

Price-275 AED

Customer review– 4/5

3. 7 hours desert safari with BBQ, sandboarding, and camel ride

The 7 hours desert safari packages in abu dhabi give you a chance to enjoy the mix of various activities here. You can enjoy dune bashing, sand boarding, or even camel riding within this desert safari package. You can also move to a traditional Bedouin camp with sheesha smoking, henna painting, delicious food, etc.

7 hours desert safari with BBQ, sandboarding, and camel ride in abu dhabi

Moreover, the full buffet dinner is also served to guests at the nashat show, where the group of ladies perform a dance to enjoy the crowd. Seven hours desert safari package in abu dhabi is known for the multi-adventurous experience. The drop-off and pickup services from your stay point are also offered under this package to ensure convenience.

Duration– 7 hours

Price-300 AED

Customer review– 5/5

4. Sunrise desert safari tour

If you want to experience the sunrise dune drive or camel ride, then you can book this 3 hours tour package of desert safari to abu dhabi. You can travel by luxury, 4*4 vehicle to the desert and watch the sunrise on dunes. You can also visit the desert camp here for Arabian dates and coffee before trying camel ride on the sands. The best thing is that you can get personalized attention from a private and trained guide during the sunrise desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

Sunrise desert safari tour Abu dhabi

Duration– 3 hours

Price– 273 AED  

Customer review– 4/5

5. Evening desert safari Abu Dhabi

If you want to experience the cruise thrill through the desert, then an evening desert safari with BBQ dinner best fits you. It is a 6-hour adventure that navigates you to the stunning landscape of abu dhabi and towards the iconic sand dunes. The evening desert safari trip in abu dhabi consists of henna painting, hotel transport, sheesha smoking, belly dance, BBQ dinner, etc.

Evening Desert Safari Abu dhabi

Duration– 6 hours

Price-298 AED

Customer review– 5/5

Helpful Tips for an Evening Abu Dhabi Desert Tour

If you planned the evening desert safari in abu dhabi, then here are some tips for you, you should follow to make your abu dhabi desert safari trip memorable for life.

Helpful Tips for an Abu Dhabi Desert Tour at Sunset
  • We suggested carrying both closed-toe and open-toe shoes for the experience of offbeat ventures.
  •  Buffet dinner at a desert safari in abu dhabi is only available by the end of the day, so ensure to carry light snacks and some food to keep your energy level up till the buffet dinner is available.
  • It is suggested to wear comfortable and relaxed clothing like cotton t-shirts, trousers, and shorts to go on an evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi.
  • Children, pregnant women, and the person with some health issues are recommended to avoid activities like quad biking and dune bashing.
  •   If possible, you should secure your front seat on the dance floor to get a clear and good view of the live show performance.

Tips for a successful desert safari experience In Abu Dhabi

If you are going to undertake the desert safari, then you should feel comfortable first.

tips for desert safari in Abu Dhabi
  • In this case, we suggest you wear loose-fitting clothes with long sleeves that are made up of natural fibers to protect your body from sun and insect bites.
  •  It is also suggested to wear a wide baseball hat or brimmed hat
  •  If we talked about footwear, you should wear socks and trainers for most activities during the evening desert safari in abu dhabi. You can also carry the pairs of flips flops with you
  • Do not forget to drink a lot of water after some time
  •  If you are going to indulge in dune bashing activity during the evening desert safari in abu dhabi, then you should eat anything instantly before dune bashing because the extreme motions can feel you nauseous
  • Another important tip is to check your travel insurance policy before booking the evening desert safari package in abu Dhabi because some of the thrilled activities may not be covered in your existing travel insurance plan

Don’t Miss These activities at Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

If you planned the desert safari in abu dhabi, then you should make it memorable for life. For this, there is a need to indulge yourself in the best activities, so always choose the best desert safari in abu Dhabi to ensure and accelerate your experience of the abu dhabi tour.

Here are some of the top activities and things you should not miss during the desert safari in abu dhabi.

Things To Not Miss Out During Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

1. Dune bashing

Dune bashing, literally driving up and down sand dunes at speed, that experiences like desert safaris that provide an itinerary. This activity has come under fire for negative effects on the delicate desert ecosystems.

It is done on a four-wheel drive vehicle that fits with the proper seat belts. Drivers are also well-trained and skilled, and knowledgeable about the designated routes through the desert. Remember that the dune bashing activity is not suitable for children, pregnant women, or persons with any type of problem

2. Sandboarding

In this activity, you can take the board and allows the dunes to take you. Sandboarding is a good sport as same snowboarding.

It demands some skills and a good sense of balance. Participants can sit, stand, or lie on boards and move directly across dunes. It is suggested to wear socks and take the help of closed-toe trainers for this activity.

3. Get Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos are got by women of the region for centuries. This activity provides to visitors at desert safaris and desert camps. Tattoos are traditionally pained on the arms, hands, or feet of brides and considered for their good fortune.

In the past, Designs of henna tattoos differ from one tribe to another. But today, henna artists carry their designs portfolio with them so that the customers can choose the design of their interest. This Heena will last for two weeks. This activity will surely make your time fun in Abu Dhabi.

4. Speed up to the desert on a quad bike

Another best way to grip with desert during the desert safari is a quad bike. Some desert safari abu dhabi packages consist of it, whereas, for some, you have to pay some additional fees to include this activity in your package.

So, please keep checking the desert safari abu dhabi package closely before booking it for quad biking activity.

5. Enjoy camel riding

Riding on a camel into the desert sunset is a dream for people for some people, whereas, for some people, it may be a nightmare. Ensure to follow the guide’s instructions and come back when the camel sits or stands to avoid any injuries.  

Mostly, the desert safaris provide short camel treks for 10-20 minutes and more adventurous longer treks at some additional fees.

Camel riding is not a suggested activity for young children, a person with any problem, or pregnant women. Moreover, you can enjoy the interaction with camels and take some pictures with them to make the camel ride more enjoyable.

6. Involve in belly dancing

Some desert safaris and desert camps give you a chance to enjoy the belly dance for more entertainment. The belly dance origin is from ancient Egypt but is practiced widely in whole middle east regions.

7. Watch tanoura dance

If you do not like belly dancing during a desert safari in abu dhabi, or looking for an alternative, then tanoura dance is best fits you.

Another best dance origin in Egypt is the tanoura dance, which is performed by a dancer in a skirt. Dancers are unique here, always male, permits for their elaborating skirts to extend the outwards like hypnotic parachute.

8. Smoke Shisha

Middle east visitors will always like to try smoking shisha. Desert safaris are one of the best places that give you a unique setting under desert stars to try out this activity.

Even the shisha consists of fewer chemicals than cigarettes and cigars, it is still harmful and cause heart disease, blood pressure, or lung cancer if you smoke it regularly.

9. BBQ dinner

Many desert safaris package consists of the Arabic barbecue meal. It consists of the best selection of delicious meze-style starters, like moutabal, fattoush salad, hummus, Arabic bread, etc.

The popular dishes at Arabic BBQ consist the various kebabs and grilled meats, and also consists the popular shish tawook

To make the most of your desert safari experience, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced tour operator. You can choose companies from our list of best desert safari in Abu Dhabi which offers a range of packages and activities, ensuring that you get the most value for your money. Also, make sure to dress appropriately and carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is a must-do activity for adventure seekers and nature lovers. It offers an opportunity to explore the stunning desert landscapes, experience the traditional Emirati culture, and indulge in thrilling activities. Whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or with family, the Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is an experience you will cherish forever.

Abu Dhabi offers some of the best desert safari experiences in the world, with a range of activities and tours to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure or a peaceful escape in the desert, there’s a safari that will suit your needs. Book your desert safari now and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is desert safari from Abu Dhabi bringing a fun experience for you?

Yes, the desert safari in Abu Dhabi brings a fun experience to you. It not only provides you with a fun experience but also makes your desert safari abu Dhabi tour memorable. You can enjoy the camel ride, go thorough dune bashing, try quad biking, and take photography. Moreover, you can also enjoy the BBQ dinner and watch the live dance shows on a desert safari tour in Abu Dhabi.

2. Is an overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi worth it?

Yes, the overall experience of an overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi is surely worth your money. If you want to get an all-inclusive experience in Abu Dhabi, you should choose the overnight desert safari. The 4*4 dune riding, BBQ dinner, camel ride, belly dance, and Hot air balloon tour are all activities that make your overnight desert safari worthy. 

3. How to enjoy the desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

There are many activities provided under the Abu Dhabi desert safari packages, like camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, BBQ dinner, hot air balloon, star gazing, dance shows, and many more to enjoy. 

4. What is a VIP desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

The VIP desert safari package allows you to enjoy the classic desert safari in a unique Style. It provides a luxurious and top-notch experience to valued customers. VIP desert safari is considered a special tour that comes with exclusive features, like drop-off and pick-off facilities, and saves you a lot of time.

5. What is special about the evening desert safari?

Evening desert safari is well known in Abu Dhabi due to the adventure and thrill experienced provided by it. This thrilling tour of evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi will take you on a journey of sand dunes of the Arabian desert. It provides you with the best chances to experience the desert nightlife and see the shining stars under your head.  The best thing is that you can also enjoy a BBQ dinner under the desert sky with the evening desert safari package in Abu Dhabi. You can surely get an adrenaline-filled adventure with the evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

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