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Best Desert Safari In Ajman – Ticket Price, Best Time, And More



Best Desert Safari In Ajman - Ticket Price, Best Time, And More

 A desert safari in Ajman is one of the best tourist activities that involve the off-road drive to the desert in a 4*4 vehicle. This tour starts in the early evening or late afternoon and takes tourists through dunes, with various stops according to their interests.

It may include the traditional Bedouin village, camel farm, and falconry displays. It includes the sunset stop, where the tourists can experience the beautiful views of the desert and watch the sunset. After sunset, you can enjoy the BBQ dinner and entertainment in the form of belly dance, live dance show, tanoura dance, etc., during a desert safari in Ajman.

This tour ends near about 9 to 10 pm. At this time, the visitor will drop back to their accommodation places or hotels. Overall, the Ajman desert safari brings exciting and unique experiences to enjoy the culture and beauty of the desert. Read the article to know more about the best desert safari in Ajman, including the best packages, timings, dinner, safety tips, and many more.

List of Best Desert Safari In Ajman with details

Various desert safari packages are available in Ajman to make your most memorable experiences. Whether you want the luxury Ajman desert safari package or an affordable one, you should look at the best desert safari packages at good deals.

1. Amazing hot air balloon view with beautiful desert sunrise view

People love waking up in the morning and watching the sunrise, as it gives them new energy and freshness. This desert safari takes you to the next level of clouds to watch where the day starts.

You can watch the balloon inflate here and hop abroad with soar and small groups over the desert and Hajar mountains. Under this package, you can enjoy the drinks and gourmets in deserts before returning to your hotel.

Amazing hot air balloon view with beautiful desert sunrise view

Moreover, you can also get a bird’s eye view of the Ajman desert in a hot air balloon. You can also watch the falcon shows in the air. This package also provides you round trip experience from the Dubai accommodation.

  • Price– Rs 28, 800
  • Timings– 5 hours

2. Dubai red dunes desert safari adventure

The best desert safari in Ajman is a must for those who want to experience the beauty of a real desert. Professional drivers can take you on a thrilling roller coaster ride across to golden dunes.

Dubai red dunes desert safari adventure

You can click the most adorable pictures of sunset within this package. Warm Arabian traditional food is waiting for you within this desert safari package. Tea, soft drinks, and water are also available for guests when they need

  • Price– Rs. 6,210
  • Timings–  7 hours

3. Morning desert safari

You can enjoy the beauty of deserts in the morning hours by booking this action-based morning desert safari. With an expert driver, you can enjoy the dune bashing in a 4*4 vehicle.

Morning desert safari

You can also click your picture at the high dune and enjoys sandboarding, camel riding, etc. The trip to the desert, sandboarding, camel ride, dune bashing, drop off, and pick off facilities are included in this package.

  • Price– Rs 6,230
  • Timings – 3 hours

4. Desert ride

The desert safari camel ride package ensures that visitors can get an unforgettable experience in Ajman’s friendly and unique settings. It chooses the guests for you with the most beautiful places of criteria with beauty, originality, and safety. A desert ride is the best deal if you want to get the adventurous experience by hilling up to deserts.

 Desert ride
  • Price– Rs.8, 900
  • Timings– 2 hours

5. VIP desert safari with camel riding

VIP desert safari package with camel riding is best for you if you want to understand about people who live in these deserts.

VIP desert safari with camel riding

With the lavish charm, you can get an unbelievable experience. This desert safari makes you all-rounder memories. In fact, you can also enjoy live dancing shows, BBQ dinners, belly dances, etc., here under the VIP desert safari package.

  • Price– Rs 2800
  • Timings– 6 hours

Best Time to Visit Deserts in Ajman

You can visit the deserts in Ajman anytime between 3 pm to 9 pm. You need the 6 hours only to complete your desert safari tour in Ajman.

The good time to experience the thrilling and adventurous best desert safari in Ajman is during the winter months between November and March, with a variety of options available to choose from to make your trip truly memorable.

In short, the total duration for this desert safari tour in Ajman is 6 hours.

The pickup timings of the desert safari are 3 pm, and drop off timings from the desert to your hotel are 9 pm. It means the visitors can visit the deserts in Ajman in this range.

Overnight Ajman Desert Safari

If you want a memorable desert safari experience in Ajman, an overnight desert safari is the best pick. The overnight stay in the desert in Ajman provides you with a unique experience. It is the best desert safari for adventure and campers lovers.

You can enjoy the different forms of camping here, in between dunes, and experience the beauty of the desert.

Overnight Ajman Desert Safari

The journey of overnight desert safari in Ajman starts with your picking. The point where you accommodate during the timeline of your trip. Under this package, a professional driver picks you off from your location and reaches deserts in Ajman in a luxury vehicle.

You can enjoy the amazing beauty of golden sand dunes on the way. Once you reach the campsite, you have a lot of activities to enjoy there and make your desert safari trip unforgettable.

Schedule of overnight desert safari in Ajman

  • Pick off – 2:30 pm
  •  Drop off- 7 am early morning
  • Instant confirmation
  • 18 hours duration
  • Guided tour by English-speaking guide

Inclusions of overnight desert safari

There are many activities included in this overnight desert safari package in Ajman. If you also book this package while planning a tour to Ajman, here are the activities you should try

1. Dune bashing

During your overnight desert safari tour in Ajman, you can become part of action movies by dune bashing. This activity can give you an experience in Ajman desert safari that you will never forget in your life.

2. Overnight camping

Overnight camping is considered the focal feature of overnight desert safari. You can surely enjoy your overnight stay under twinkling stars in the secure and fully functional camping site.

3. Sandboarding

You can enjoy the excitement and thrill of sandboarding on golden dunes in the desert. It is one of the best activities to make your desert safari tour memorable.

4. Quad biking

Quad biking is one of the most thrilling activities available at the campsite to provide guests a more exciting and fun experience. You can drive any of the bikes available at the campsite and race through the dunes desert.

5. Camel ride

Your desert safari tour in Ajman is incomplete; if you do not, try a camel ride. So, you have to book a camel ride and take a round of the nearest area of the campsite.

6. Photography in arab costume

Ajman’s overnight desert safari package also arranges the costumes for guests, so they are well dressed, experience the desert safari most, and click their beautiful pictures here.

7. Heena design

You can get the best heena design paintings on your hands and take the memories of your desert safari tour in Ajman with you.

8. Live performance

There are many live performances, and dance shows are held at the campsite, so the visitors can enjoy a lot and get out-of-world experiences. It includes the tanoura show, belly dance shows, fire shows, etc.

9. Arab-style smoking

The arab style of shisha smoking activity is another popular activity you should do during the desert safari in Ajman. Among all activities suggested to do on an overnight desert safari in Ajman, you can take part in arab style smoking, also.

10. Luxury three-course meal

You can make your desert safari trip more memorable by enjoying a lavish three-course meal at your campsite. You can try the appetizers, mouth-watering desserts, and delicious main course food during the overnight desert safari in Ajman.

Dinner in desert

During the desert safari in Ajman, you can enjoy the authentic Arabian evening in the desert. You can enjoy dinner in the desert a lot, from traditional meals to BBQ dinners. Here is the complete dinner menu from which you can book any food and enjoys your desert safari in Ajman

  • Appetizer

The appetizer is also available in deserts in Ajman to order. You can order pakoda, shawarma, and falafel as appetizer choices.

  • Salads

Chickpea and corn salads, green Russian salad, macaroni salad, garlic salad, tabbouleh, and humus are different items you can try in salads during a desert safari in Ajman.

  •  Vegetarian

If you are vegetarian, there are also many food options to order at your desert safari in Ajman. Vegetarian food consists of a mix of veggies, chickpeas, lentils, veg biryani, pasta, noodles, boiled potato, white rice, and veggies.

  • Dessert

The dessert food at Ajman desert safari provides you the choice of sweet noodles, custard, and mix fresh fruit to book there.

  •  Non-vegetarian

You can book the non-vegetarian food during a desert safari in Ajman, like Lamb kebab, shish tawook, sausage, chicken drum stick, korma, and chicken biryani.

Things to consider before desert safari in Ajman

You need to consider many things before planning a desert safari in Ajman. If you want to get a hassle-free and unforgettable experience from the Ajman desert safari, here are the important things you need to consider

  • Desert safari timings

Your vacation time may affect the preparations you make for the desert safari in Ajman. The desert safari in Ajman begins in the afternoon. Timings may be changed if you go to deserts in Ajman for an overnight stay.

To avoid this timing changes problem, it is suggested to put request clarification from the tour operator and check the accurate pickup slot.

  • Tour type

There are different types of desert tours available in Ajman, like morning, overnight, and evening desert safaris. The morning desert safari gives you unique experiences by camel riding or sunrise watching over dunes. The overnight desert safari is considered a famous option for guests, as it consists the meals, belly dancing shows, and other cultural activities.

Overnight desert safari provides you with a memorable experience in deserts in Ajman. It allows the guests to spend their nights in Bedouin camps. So while choosing the tour type, you should be considered your timings and interest.

  • What to carry

There is no need to carry the many layers of clothes while on a trip to the desert safari in Ajman. It is not considered practical if you go on a desert safari in Ajman with so many clothes. It is suggested to avoid the stress of moving your heavy bags from one place to another.

  • Comfortable dress

Mostly, all the desert safari activities provide you with an adventurous experience. Also, there is a high temperature the day in deserts. So, it is suggested to carry and wear comfortable dresses that are breathable and lightweight. Such types of comfortable dresses provide you with protection against the sun’s rays.

And when the sun goes down, the temperature starts falling, and you should bring a warm coat or wrap to become cozy while gazing at the sky’s stars.

  • Cash/credit cards

It is suggested to carry cash and credit cards with you to deserts in Ajman so that you can buy pictures, souvenirs, or movies from an official photographer.

Safety Tips to Follow While Visiting the Desert

No doubt, the desert safari in Ajman provides you with exciting deals to enjoy the adventure in Ajman. You can spend the amazing time of your life there.

To make the trip safe along with adventure and thrilled experience, the tour experts give some safety tips. We believe that you got the list of the Best Desert Safari In Ajman.

Safety Tips to Follow While Visiting the Desert

If you also want to make your desert safari tour safe for you, here are some of the safety tips you should follow

  •  You should become part of dune bashing, off-road driving, or any adventure activity in Ajman deserts if you belong to the category of pregnant women, a person above the age of 65 years, or children of age under 6 years.
  • If you have any skin allergies or rashes problems, you should not try the heena painting in Ajman.
  • As the temperature is high during a safari in Ajman, so you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Wearing lightweight and light-colored clothes keeps your cool day.
  • During an overnight desert safari in Ajman, you should take a sweater with you because the deserts are colder in Ajman in the nighttime.
  • Moreover, it is suggested to wear rubber shoes and slippers to prevent granules from getting into your shoes
  • You should check the car features, like AC, airbags, and other features while booking the air to visit deserts in Ajman.
  • Check that the cars in which you are traveling are fully equipped with seat belts and roll cages, and avoid accidents.
  •  During the dunny buggy ride to deserts, you should wear a helmet because this activity is full of twists, bumps, and turns. Helmets ensure your maximum protection and save your eyes from injury if you spend a long time in this activity in deserts.
  • Take enough water and juices while tripping to deserts in Ajman

You should go for a desert safari in Ajman if you want to make your trip adventurous. The unique experience of desert safari takes you into the deserts of Ajman, where you enjoy the stunning landscapes, dune bashing, and take part in a traditional camel ride.

The Ajman desert safari is the best way to experience the true beauty of the Arabian desert.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is a desert safari the most popular outdoor activity in Ajman?

Ajman desert safari is considered the best outdoor popular activity because it gives you the opportunity to see the desert. It takes you through the desert and provides you the chance to enjoy the thrilling ride “ Dune Bashing.”

2. What are the timings of the desert safari in Ajman?

There are different timings of different desert safari packages in Ajman. Morning safari is a 4 hours tour in Ajman, evening desert safari with BBQ dinner is 6 hours tour in Ajman, and overnight desert safari in Ajman is 18 hours tour.

3. What to wear during a desert safari in Ajman?

While going on a desert safari in Ajman in the day, remember that there is too hot weather that day, so you should wear loose-fitting and light clothing. If you are going to try camel riding, dune bashing, sandboarding, etc., then ensure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that do not limit your movement during the Ajman desert safari.

4. What is included in the Ajman desert safari?

The desert safari in Ajman is economical that includes many activities for visitors to try, like dune bashing, camel ride, sandboarding, BBQ dinner, sheesha smoking, belly dance event, tanoura dance show, etc

5. How much does the Ajman desert safari cost?

The price of a desert safari in Ajman starts from 55AED per 15$ and reaches up to 900AED/245$  per person. The exact costs lie in this range are depends upon the activities you want to include in your desert safari package in Ajman.

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