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3 Years Of Casa Milano In Dubai



3 Years Of Casa Milano In Dubai

3 years have passed since the luxury sanitaryware and tiles retailer brand Casa Milano established their 30,000 sqft high-end outlet at Shaikh Zayed Road in 2019.

Since then they’ve expanded their luxury portfolio to cover complete interior designing and outdoor decorations, opened a new showroom in Abu Dhabi, and partnered with the premium German sanitaryware group Hansgrohe. 

On the 24th of October, Casa Milano celebrated its 3rd anniversary in style with an exciting announcement of its new alliance with the leading global sanitaryware brand Ideal Standard. 

3rd Anniversary Of Casa Milano In Dubai

Frederick Trzcinski, VP of Marketing and Innovation posted on Instagram after the anniversary “Perfect launch in Dubai UAE with the reveal of Ideal Standard displayed at the Casa Milano showroom with Anis Sajan & Mohammed Azhar Sajan. Great interaction between both teams for a consistent compelling implementation based on the guidance of Designer Roberto Palomba. More to come”.

3 Years Of Casa Milano In Dubai

Mohammed Azhar Sajan, Director of Casa Milano, was probably too excited to resist posting the obvious pun-infused caption “IDEAL’ partnership as he shared the highlights video of the launch on his Instagram. “Casa Milano celebrates its 3rd anniversary with an ‘IDEAL’ partnership! We are pleased to finally announce our partnership with Ideal Standard”, posted the vibrant entrepreneur under the video on his profile. 

Casa Milano seems to be under a spell of great fortune with so many exciting ventures coming together for them as they go along. 

Considering how they started off as a niche sanitaryware brand and then quickly expanded and diversified their venture to offer complete home solutions with interior and outdoor decoration in a span of 3 years while surviving the pandemic hurdles, is truly an inspirational achievement. 

Leader Azhar Sajan in his interview with Gulf News said “The pandemic, the biggest challenge of them all, knocked us down really hard even as we rolled out the red carpet at Casa Milano-Dubai in the month of October 2019”.

Quickly adopting technology to ensure the team kept in touch with their clients using platforms like Zoom, helped them overcome the problems of remote access. He also said that using extensive social media campaigns to educate clients about redecorating their homes also helped them thrive during the worst of times. 

“The pandemic was not just a major challenge overall, it was also the biggest life lesson we as a brand learned from. Challenges do not define us, but the way we turn around and create opportunities in every adverse situation defines our company.”

The Casa Milano showroom is known for its exquisitely designed sanitaryware and home solutions from top brands such as Tonino Lamborghini, Versace, Novellini, Mia Italia, Villeroy&Boch, and Disegno Ceramica. 

They retail materials with matte, gloss, and high-gloss finishings with contemporary-styled woodwork that showcases artistic design intelligence and aesthetics. Azhar Sajan feels that people spending more time indoors during the pandemic has inspired more people to consider improving their interior designs.

Inspired by Italian design and craftsmanship, all their products exhibit the luxurious and extravagant lifestyle that the UAE is famous for. “We feel Dubai is an ideal location for brands like us given its dynamic and cosmopolitan nature”. 

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