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Dubai Airports Makes New Hires To Continue Recovery Drive



Dubai Airports Makes New Hires To Continue Recovery Drive

As part of a recovery drive, the Dubai airports have announced the appointment of new leaders in their senior management. Dubai Airports has announced the appointments in their three crucial positions inside as part of the organization’s effort to create a sustained recovery in the post-covid era. Dubai International (DXB), the world’s busiest international airport and Dubai World Central (DWC) has appointed Mr. Omar Binadai as executive vice president, Technology and Infrastructure; Essa Al Shamsi as senior vice president, Terminal Operations; and Moataz Roushdy as senior vice-president, Finance. 

Dubai Airport Announces New Senior Management Appointments

Dubai Airports appointed their new Chief Operating Officer Mr.Majed Al Joker around February this year and the new appointments come as a follow-up to the restructuring of operations done by the management. The idea is to create a fresh and invigorating line of leadership that would take the success and growth of Dubai Airports to new horizons.

Dubai Airports Makes New Hires To Continue Recovery Drive

As the COO, Al Joker’s responsibilities comprise core operational duties including Terminal Service Delivery, Airport Operations Control Center, Security, and Safety, and Airside Service Delivery & Sustainability combined into a singular working business unit. Previously, Al Joker had served as the Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Dubai Airports. 

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports commented that Majed brings in a wealth of experience from managing teams and has occupied multiple key positions in the organization for over 15 years. Mr.Griffiths hopes that Al Joker’s knowledge of the business and excellent leadership skills will open a new chapter in the Dubai Airports’ efforts of expansion in a post covid scenario. 

This is a forerunner as part of the efforts set in motion for a full-hand recovery from the pandemic years and to leap forward with methodical planning. The management is confident that it will be able to capitalize on the expected future growth opportunities as tourism and the service sector economy in Dubai was opening up to the world after the covid crisis.

Mr.Binadai has been given the task of leading the transformation of Dubai Airports’ technology solutions and the maintenance and renovation of its vast infrastructure. He is a seasoned technology industry professional with experience spanning over two decades.

He is known to be a quick deliverer of positive outcomes and has established a long-standing prudent relationship with major partners and stakeholders in the industry. The appointment of Essa Al Shamsi as senior vice president opens up a new era in Terminal Operations as Dubai Airports place extra emphasis on the matter of delivering world-class customer service and operational efficiency.

Essa Al Shamsi will be reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and will be handling an important role within the team in transforming Dubai Airports’ guest experience. Restrengthening the collaborative atmosphere by structuring a fortified relationship with service partners will be another action plan of the Terminal operations Vice President. 

Dubai Airport has been facing dramatic upscale in its financial operations over the past two years which equips the organization to shape itself as a more effective and sustainable business entity.

With over 20 years of experience in the financial and accounting sector, Mr.Roushdy has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President, Finance and reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer.

Mr.Roushdy will be leading and overseeing the financial operations together with the planning and budgeting, service costing, and performance reporting. In this process, he will be covering the entire financial structure of Dubai Airports. 

The fresh appointments come as a step in Dubai Airports’ commitment to developing and nurturing its workforce by enabling future leaders by providing an opportunity to advance their careers within the organization itself.

Dubai Airport is one of the most sought-after Airport management in the world with advanced infrastructure and technical capabilities. 

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