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Dubai Airports Receives The Sheikh Mohammed Award For Its Sustainability Initiative



Dubai Airports Receives The Sheikh Mohammed Award For Its Sustainability Initiative

The award for The Best Aviation Sustainability Programme was bagged by Dubai Airports this year as part of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Global Aviation Awards. The recognition was given to Dubai Airports’ to help maintain and inspire the world to create a more sustainable global aviation industry. The award was distributed to the Dubai aviation organization in Montreal, Canada, during the 41st General Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). 

Dubai Airports was appreciated for its continued support as one of the major players in the global aviation industry for promoting sustainability programs handled under its new leadership. The introduction of electric vehicles and the erection of 15,000 panels of solar arrays at Terminal 2, was another major achievement for Dubai Airports. 

Dubai Airports Wins Sheikh Mohammed Award For Sustainability Program

Mr.Omar Binadai, Executive Vice President of Technology & Infrastructure at Dubai Airports expressing his excitement stated that they were delighted to be recognized as an inspiring presence within the aviation industry and that the Dubai Airports are doing everything hand to support the global aviation community in its journey towards a sustainable future. He was also keen to mention that the organization and its management are fully aligned with and committed to being of complete assistance in the United Arab Emirate’s solid efforts in achieving its long-term climate action goals. 

Dubai Airports Receives The Sheikh Mohammed Award For Its Sustainability Initiative

The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Aviation Award was started in 2016 to recognize and inspire entrepreneurship, nations, and inspiring business personalities all around the world and their contributions to the Global aviation industry. It hopes to be an inspiring force for the global aviation industry by recognizing best practices that need to be appreciated worldwide and thus would start off an affirmative action in the same direction. Environment consciousness and sustainable solutions have long been a major concern when it comes to the aviation industry as it contributes to the CO2 footprint and together with that other energy-saving options have been implemented to make the industry more energy efficient. 

Dubai Airports management had been part of a leadership overhaul as three new appointments were made to their senior management team as part of a recovery drive. Last February, a new Chief Operating Officer, Mr.Majed Al Joker was appointed and these new appointments come as part of the entire restructuring of the top brass management at Dubai Airports. The organization is aiming at a sustained recovery drive in the post-corona era as the economy in UAE and Dubai is opening up to the world. The decision also hopes to spark positive action throughout the organization in creating success and growth. Mr.Omar Binadai was appointed as the Executive Vice president, Technology and Infrastructure; Mr.Moataz Roushdy as Senior Vice President, Finance and Mr.Essa Al Shamsi as Senior Vice President, Terminal Operations. The management hopes that it will be able to completely utilize the future growth opportunities in UAE and Dubai as tourism and the service sector economy are making a healthy comeback after the covid era. The Best Aviation Sustainability Programme Award for Dubai Airports will be a golden feather in the newly appointed leadership as their action plan has started to yield positive outcomes. The CEO, Mr. Paul Griffiths had expressed complete confidence in the new leadership to be able to restructure the organization to make it more efficient and sustainable. Dubai Airport is considered to be one of the most sought-after airport management in the world with its advanced infrastructure and technical capabilities. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the primary international airport in Dubai and is considered to be one of the busiest in the world according to the statistics of international passenger traffic. 

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