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NAFIS And AD Ports Group Sign A Contract To Produce 7,500 Employment For Emiratis



NAFIS And AD Ports Group Sign A Contract To Produce 7,500 Employment For Emiratis

In a major move that is expected to provide a fillip to the UAE job market, The Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council and AD Ports Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would create 7,500 jobs for Emiratis. The agreement falls under the framework of NAFIS, a federal program. The key objective of this federal program is to boost the competitiveness of Emirati human resources and make them well-equipped for jobs in the private sector. According to the terms of the agreement, AD Ports will be working jointly with NAFIS to hire 7500 UAE nationals in the next 5 years. Going by the projections, 1500 jobs are expected to be created every year.

The Objectives Of The Partnership

A major objective of this collaboration is to strengthen the ongoing cooperation between NAFIS and AD Ports Group so that it leads to a win-win situation. It aims for mutual benefits for both parties by creating more awareness and launching their initiatives and programs. Of these, the major focus will be on NAFIS’ programs and initiatives.

NAFIS And AD Ports Group Sign A Contract To Produce 7,500 Employment For Emiratis

With “NAFIS..Your Way”, the success stories campaign of NAFIS, the authorities expect UAE nationals from various backgrounds to get inspired by the success stories of Emiratis who were quite successful in securing jobs in engineering, healthcare, financial services, technology, and management consulting and follow the paths of successful people by joining private sector jobs.

The other main goals of the partnership include supporting initiatives and programs that help UAE nationals and companies to cash in on the benefits they offer, facilitating communication on areas of common interests that are advantageous to the country, and knowledge transfer across various domains.

One more objective of the partnership is to motivate those private sector companies currently associating with AD Ports Group to register themselves for initiatives and programs run by NAFIS, impart training programs and help them secure jobs on the NAFIS portal. As part of this program, workshops will be conducted to throw more light on NAFIS’ initiatives and programs. This includes step-by-step guidance on the procedures involved in registering on NAFIS as well as making use of the AD Ports Group’s different sources of communication for launching and promoting various programs by both parties. 

The MoU was signed between Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Secretary-general of The Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council, and Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, managing director and Group CEO, of AD Ports Group.

While speaking at the occasion, Ghannam Al Mazrouei stated that since the inception of NAFIS a year back, it had led to the birth of several partnerships that ultimately resulted in the generation of thousands of jobs for UAE nationals in the private sector. Apart from that, he also highlighted how several people have benefited from the training programs and qualification courses conducted by their partners.

According to Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, AD Ports Group has a strong commitment to working towards UAE’s economic development and diversification. He mentioned that the major achievements include the creation of 21 percent of all non-oil-related GDP in Abu Dhabi in 2020 and the doubling of the Emiratisation rate in the last 10 years. With the NAFIS platform, the leadership of ETCC expects to have a novel approach towards career building for UAE nationals by providing job opportunities for deserving candidates at a much faster pace so that it will contribute significantly to UAE’s economic growth. Al Shamisi said that their group would extend their support in securing sustainable jobs across a wide range of sectors such as trade, transport, and logistics.

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