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Non-Oil Trade In DAFZ Increases 36% Year-Over-Year In 2021



Non-Oil Trade In DAFZ Increases 36% Year-Over-Year In 2021

Dubai is a country that is known for its oil trade. However, there is a shocking fact coming from the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) that is the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ) has announced that their non-oil trade has got good profit in the year 2021 and it has grown by more than 36 percent in the previous year and hence the benefit of the trade will be shown in the upcoming years for Dubai that has been performing well at the highest level. 

Moreover, in the data shown by the DAFZ and Dubai Customs, it can be seen that the trade has grown from Dhs119bn to Dhs162bn in the last year, and hence Dubai will be having a lot to focus on in the upcoming years too.

Even the chairman of DIEZ, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum praised the people behind these trades and said that these unexpected results just prove how good Dubai has been in recent years.

Moreover, the rise in trade will just help the economy of the country to get bigger and better, and hence these trades will act as a base for further progress in the nation. 

Role Of DAFZ In Trades

In the past few years, Dubai has been a part of various development programs indulging in commercial sectors and attracting several countries to invest and start their businesses. And with these developmental programs, Dubai has managed to come up through the ranks and got the desired results.

Non-Oil Trade In DAFZ Increases 36% Year-Over-Year In 2021

In the 36% rise of the non-oil trade, DAFZ has been involved in 10.7 percent of the trade. Furthermore, the sectors handled by DAFZ have been rising rapidly. 

Apart from all the factors, imports played a crucial role in the increase of trade profits. Regarding this, the chairman of DIEZ, Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni appreciated the effort of every individual who was involved in it.

Furthermore, he even said that Dubai has shown an exceptional growth over the years and these small successes indicate how strong Dubai is going to be in the upcoming years.

Even during the pandemic, Dubai made sure that business and trade must go on and they were developing plans to keep things under check. 

With Dubai achieving greater heights this year, it will act as a roadmap for the country in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, the growth of DAFZ has been a factor that is surely going to take Dubai to new heights. Moreover, the sectors like precious stones, machinery, equipment, and jewelry sectors have shown exceptional growth.

And hence, these sectors themselves have 36 percent to 46 percent growth which takes the overall profit of DAFZ to an average of 94 percent.

DAFZ mainly focused on Asia and hence 43 percent of total trade was from Asian countries. Apart from Asia, the other main contributors are the Middle East and North Africa which supported Dubai well and hence contributed with a value of Dhs60.7bn in the trade.

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