Dubai: $5 billion Man-made ‘Moon’ Proposed By Canadian

Michael Henderson, the Canadian entrepreneur proposes a 5 billion dollar project that illustrates a 274-meter replica of the Moon at the top of a 30-meter building in Dubai. This Moon project will be encompassing a destination resort inside the giant sphere comprising 4,000 room hotel, an arena with 10,000 people hosting capacity in addition to a lunar colony that offers the visitors the sensation of actually walking on the moon.

A Man-made Moon in Dubai, might not be a distant fantasy anymore!

The MOON would be seated on a circular building that acts as a pedestal beneath and it would glow at night.

Artists supported by the Moon World Resorts have been illustrating it at various locations, including the Burj Khalifa, and even at Dubai Pearl, near Palm Jumeirah and also on Palm Jebel Ali.

Dubai may be getting $5-billion man-made moon replica

The Moon project also has chances of a casino being built. Gambling remains a big no in the seven emirates, However, the agreement of Wynn Resorts which will be revealed in Ras Al Khaimah might hint at a possible relaxation regarding the law for gambling.

Christopher David, a middle east expert and the author of the book Sheikhs to Sultanism said that Like other high-profile, eye-catching marvels, the MOON could fit well into the legitimacy formula of the ruling elite of Dubai. He also added that the ruling family can be viewed as a non-democratic elite, but are passionate about science and progress, and that in itself is very legitimizing and a huge project such as MOON would seem to be ticking all of those boxes.

There are various other notable spherical structures like the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, a 2.3 billion dollar dome, covered in LED screens, that will be opening to the public in September but the one that Henderson proposes goes a step further than them all. His MOON would be fully spherical and is possible to illuminate alternatively as full, half, or a crescent Moon.

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The plans to build another MSG Sphere in London were forced to quit after the residents protested against the light pollution and disruption of the structure would be a reason for. Mr. Henderson has said that it is hard to please everybody and that you might need dark curtains.

Henderson believes his proposal is not that far-fetched. He said to The Associated Press that they have the biggest brand in the world about the moon itself-the celestial sphere- being his brand. He added that eight billion people are aware of the brand and that is even before they have started doing anything.

The Moon World Resorts envisions moon skyscrapers in four global locations Middle East, Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

Dubai has marveled the rest of the world with its innovative and fascinating architectural projects and various other feats they have marched forward and accomplished. So one would not be surprised in the future when a part of heaven will be incarnating on the Earth in all its splendor.

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