Dubai Al Safa Metro Station Gets A New Name

As part of a recent decision taken by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA), the Al Safa Metro Station’s name has been changed to Onpassive Metro Station. The Al Safa Metro Station is located at the red line of the Dubai Metro on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The name change comes after a branding deal between RTA and Onpassive, a global IT company based in Florida, USA and the new name will be used for ten years from now. Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Kalbat, the executive director of the RTA Rail Agency said that the new partnership with Onpassive signifies the core investment-friendly attitude of the Emirate of Dubai and also its global approach towards creating a prestigious position among the investors who aspire to be part of Dubai.

Dubai Al Safa Metro Station Renamed To Onpassive

He also said that the Dubai Metro is known for its international standards and RTA is an integral part of that infrastructure. Kalbat pointed out that the decision of Onpassive to acquire the naming rights of Al Safa Metro Station puts them on a major spot in the economic map of Dubai and the UAE as it will help them improve their brand visibility through the UAE. 

Dubai Al Safa Metro Station

Ashraf Mufarreh, the founder and CEO of On passive said that the partnership between Onpassive and Dubai RTA is one of the first steps to integrate the use of artificial intelligence into community services.

Dubai has always been known for its multicultural and multinational fervor and this will be a perfect destination for integrating modern technologies for improving transportation and other related services. Mufarreh noted that Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world with more than eight million tourists visiting the city last year, he assures that his company will strive to provide high-quality service to the Dubai Metro passengers.

Onpassive is also committed to continuously striving for excellence and innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence so that it can offer its smart services to countries like the UAE and also the world.  

Mohammed Nazzal, the Chief Marketing Officer of Onpassive opined that the new collaboration of Dubai RTA and Onpassive signifies a productive business outlook as Dubai Metro Service is one of the most actively used public transportation in the Emirate city. Last year, the total number of metro users reached around twelve million and this points to the importance of providing cutting-edge tech services to passengers that can make their rides more comfortable and hassle-free.

During new year’s eve also Dubai Metro recorded a total rider population of 958,161 and it also extended the service time to late night and early morning hours of the new year to meet the needs of passengers.     

The Dubai Metro is always seen as a benchmark for infrastructural quality and it is among the main mass transport systems in Dubai which are used by a large percentage of the Dubai population, both tourists and residents for commuting.

The Dubai Metro channels are also located along strategic locations and all these factors contribute to attracting foreign companies who are willing to invest in a sustainable and long-term revenue model. 

The renaming will happen through January and March this year as the indoor and outdoor directional signages will be renamed at the metro station.

It will also be updated on the RTA’s public transport apps and smart systems. The onboard audio announcements will also have Onpassive’s name added to them. RTA has asked riders to note the name change of the station to avoid any sort of confusion. 

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The Dubai RTA has also started a travel behavior survey in order to understand the needs and expectations of the public when using public transportation systems in Dubai. The RTA is expecting to record the response of more than seven thousand people in Dubai and its neighboring Emirates.

The sample has been divided into 5000 families which includes both citizens and expats; 1500 individuals who are visiting or working in Dubai; and 500 cargo transport firms operating in Dubai. The authority said that they are offering special incentives to those who successfully complete the survey. The aim of the survey is to provide a smooth and safe transportation experience to the public and also to adhere to the ambitious vision of Dubai’s Urban Plan 2040.

Dubai’s 2040 Urban Master Plan is aimed at establishing a long-term sustainable and easy-access transportation system in Dubai.

According to the master plan, all residents of Dubai will be able to access almost eighty percent of their needs and destinations within a time frame of 20 minutes by walking or by bicycle. The public transportation system in Dubai is known to be one of the best in class in the world and the Dubai Metro will be scaling new heights by offering AI-related tech service to its customers.  

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