Dubai-bound Indigo Flight Suffers Bird Hit, Take-off Aborted At Manglore Airport

An IndiGo flight with its destination in Dubai had to cancel the takeoff at the time due to a bird-hit incident. The Indigo flight was taking off from the Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) and the unfortunate incident caused this delay. This incident took place around 8:30 in the morning, yesterday, the 25th of May.

Alternate arrangements were made for the stranded passengers

The Dubai-bound Indigo flight was carrying 160 travelers at that time and all of them were deplaned due to the issue. According to the sources the bird hit one of the wings of the aircraft which was all prepared for takeoff.

Bird hits Dubai-bound IndiGo flight, over 160 passengers deplaned

The pilot after the incident took immediate action and notified the Air Traffic Control and mission take-off was aborted. All of the passengers were ordered off the aircraft, and new plans were made for them to go to Dubai on a flight that had just landed in Bengaluru.

As per various reports, the incidents caused a lot of commotion and panic moments at the airport for some time. The technicians and experts are analyzing and inspecting the grounded flight. 

The Mangaluru International Airport authorities revealed through a statement that flight 6E 1467 IXE- DXB which was scheduled to depart at 8:25 am went through a bird-hit incident as it entered the runway from the taxiway. The pilot was quick to inform the ATC (Air Traffic Control) and was made to return to the apron at 8:30 am.

All the travelers were made to leave the plane and the aircraft was announced to be on AOG ( Aircraft On Ground) for a detailed engineering inspection. The statement also said about the alternative arrangements made.

A flight that was planned to depart to Bengaluru at 9:10 AM adjusted its scheduling and was arranged to leave for Dubai instead. There were approximately 165 passengers onboard the flight to Bengaluru, which was scheduled to fly to Visakhapatnam too. The rescheduled Dubai flight left for its destination at 11:05 am.

It was just last month that an incident along similar lines disrupted a smooth flight. A full emergency had to be declared at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi after a FedEx aircraft went through a bird-hitting incident immediately after the take-off.

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Yet another incident happened with the aircraft of the same airlines mentioned when a flight traveling from Surat to Delhi was redirected to Ahmedabad after it had suffered from a bird hit during the ascent from Surat. DGCA ( Directorate General of Civil Aviation) said that this bird hit caused damage and during the inspection, it was found that the engine fan blades were broken.

Earlier this month, on the 10th of May, an IndiGo flight traveling to Singapore was rerouted to Kualanamu airport, in Medan, Indonesia after a crew member observed a burning smell from the cabin and notified them about it. The IndiGo A320ceo functioning 6E-1007 from Tiruchirappalli made a diversion to the Indonesian airport.

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