Dubai Diversifies Approach To Attract More Tourists, Taps New Markets

Just like other fields, Dubai is ready to begin a diversified approach to the tourism field. The approach will definitely attract more tourists to Dubai. The new strategy will hit new markets by using the source of energy or knowledge. The CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Issam Kazim said that this diversified approach helped to tap  82 markets this year which is considered to be a record number. 

the number of overnight visitors to Dubai more than doubled

The number of overnight visitors to Dubai doubled this year from January to October.  Amidst this covid pandemic, Dubai is experimenting with new approaches in every field in order to maintain its economy.

The rest of the world is trying to recover from the financial wreckage. The new way of treating tourists will provide a better experience for the visitors. The distinctive feature is equally beneficial to the visitors too.

the number of overnight visitors to Dubai more than doubled

While speaking at Skift Global Forum East on Thursday, Kazim said that They had been constantly working on new projects to modify and strengthen their industries, especially the income sectors. They have been able to see success in a number of fields by implementing new approaches.

Mostly the number of overnight visitors comes from India, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. The statistics show the number of visitors has doubled this year. According to Dubai Economy and Tourism, the increase in the number of visitors to Dubai has influenced the economy of the emirate. The emirate received 11.4 million overnight international tourists in 2022. It is considered to be an increase of 134 percent when compared to the previous year.

According to Khaleej Times, India and Oman were the two great source markets with millions of tourists, followed by the UK, France, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. The diversification strategies lead to more sustainable development in the tourism sector. It will be helpful to the employment sector as well. When comparing the growth in the tourism field of Middle East regions, Dubai is remarkable in its position. Dubai has rapidly changed its policies in the tourism sector for making a successful revenue out of it. The state has dramatically diversified its economy to tourism to reduce the economic interdependence with other states.

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Tourism is the right hand in Dubai’s economic growth. Sustainable development is embedded with the key factors that influence the economy of the state. The tourism sector of Dubai is distinctive by taking wise measures every year.  In order to attract more visitors to Dubai, the authorities changed their existing policies and took an initiative that is beneficial to the visitors as well. 

Kazim said that the emirate is not working on the products but it also ensures the protection of tourists and planning the best policies that serve according to their budget and requirements. He also added that the tapping of new different markets is the biggest achievement of this year which is considered to be a record number.

According to him, in order to attract more tourists, make sure that the placement of the right products, the right time, and the correct pricing. Following the methods of traditional markets is not very beneficial. So he talked about diversifying approaches in the new markets that will help to increase the revenue. The ultimate aim of experimenting with the new system is to achieve pre-pandemic tourist numbers as soon as possible.

The Dubai tourism chief said that other regions like the Netherlands, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are recovering from the financial wreckage and opening new approaches for sustainable development. Like other states, Dubai is open to filling the financial gap by tapping opportunities in other markets. Kazim explained they are working with partners to achieve the targets.

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