Dubai Future Foundation Signs Agreement To Launch “Senseable City Lab” At WGS

At the 2023 World Government Summit (WGS), Khalfan Blhoul, the CEO of DFF, and Professor Carlo Ratti, the director of Senseable City Lab at MIT signed an agreement. The signing took place in the presence of Mattar Al Tayer, Commssionar-General for Urban Planning, Wellbeing Piller, Infstratruce, and chair of Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Urban Planning.

Recently, Dubai Future Foundation signed an agreement with MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to establish the first-ever Senseable City Lab in the Middle East. this MIT research and tests will pilot this global initiative to address rapid growth and urbanization.

The Agreement Was Signed

The agreement was signed by His highness, Khalfan Belhoul ( CEO – DFF), professor Carlo Ratti ( Director – Sensible City Lab at MIT) in the presence of His Highness Mattar Al Tayer and High highness Abdulla Al Basti.

The Lab will conduct researches to address the challenges cities face in a fast-changing world. The Lab aims to invent some innovative solutions to address the unstainable and urgent imbalance in the cities with only 3% of Earth’s land but causes 80 percent of CO2 Emissions and 70 Percent of Energy Sources.

The Agreement Was Signed

H.E Abdulla Al Basti applauded this new collaboration stating that this partnership would bring a significant impact and help us to create a scientific platform that would harness the vision of directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to make the Dubai a laboratory and testbed for the new scientific innovation. 

His highness further added that partnership would build some development strategies and conduct research to find solutions for more pressing challenges, working towards, developing services, increasing productivity, preparing for the future, and much more.

The Senseable City lab, in Dubai, would cause a significant impact on the development of smart cities worldwide and in the region. The launch of the MIT lab is one of the significant steps towards addressing the problems of the future and a goal to make cities more efficient and sustainable for future generations. 

Al Basti while the agreement was signed told: “ selecting Dubai to be the headquarters for MIT Senseable Lab would help the city to play its global role in the advancement of the upcoming cities through the partnerships between academic, government, and private sectors along with the contributions from innovators, futurists, and scientist from all around the world and UAE”.

Further Mattar Al Tayer said, “It has been the vision of his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid AlMaktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister to make Dubai the global center for future technologies and make Dubai one of the leading cities in the world of the future. He also told that Dubai has adopted the latest technologies and innovations of the future to achieve its goals and be the cutting edge infrastructure.”

Fellowship Program for Innovators of the Future

Moreover, there is also a Senseable City Consortium fellowship program launched along with the establishment of the Lab. This would guide and empower the partners to implement their ideas and provide opportunities for Businesses In Dubai to conduct interdisciplinary research and create change for future innovations.

Carlo Ratti ( Director – of Sensible City lab) has expressed this proud moment and told us that the city’s commitment and forward-thinking approach to innovating makes Dubai the best location for researching the solutions for some most difficult issues faced by cities all over the world.

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Along with DUbai, the Senseable City lab has conducted interdisciplinary research in various cities including Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Lagos. Its launch in Dubai would play a crucial role to address the worldwide challenges.

As urbanization continues to change the globe rapidly, a lot of cities are facing common challenges such as sustainable, resilient, and efficient development. The Senseable City lab would be researching to find some innovative solutions to make cities much more reliant, efficient, and sustainable. Based on the research they would also make pilot projects to address such challenges. 

Overall the establishment of the Fellowship program and Senseable City lab in Dubai depicts the important milestone for DUbai’s vision to be a global center for scientific innovations. By harnessing the expertise of global experts and technological skills, Dubai is all ready to be the pioneer in the development of resilient and sustainable cities and contribute towards the citizen’s well-being and moreover the world.

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