Dubai Police Fully Prepared To Ensure The Safety Of The Public During This Eid Holiday

The Dubai police department has announced that they are all set to ensure the safety of the city and its citizens during the festivities of Eid.

The department has revealed to the sources that all the necessary measures have been taken and collaborations with different entities, to make sure the celebrations go on smoothly and safely. There are over 4000 police officers deployed for this purpose.

The Assistant Commander in Chief for Operation Affairs notified the Public about their strengthened forces

The Assistant Commander In Chief for Operations Affairs and Head of the Events Security Committee,  Major General Abdullah Ali Ali Ghaithi has declared that the committee is groomed and fully equipped for this celebration season by developing and executing an integrated security plan.

The Assistant Commander in Chief for Operation Affairs notified the Public about their strengthened forces

This integrated security plan consists of securing all mosques and big prayer grounds where the prayers and services on the occasion of Eid are usually held. On all roads, there will be police officers stationed to make sure of safety. There will be an increase in security measures in all the vital regions of the city, and also in the tourist attractions, shopping centers like malls and open markets too.

To reinforce the security conditions and safety measures, the police department has assigned 66 traffic sergeants,798 private security personnel,165 lifeguards at Dubai beaches,14 maritime security boats,123 ambulances,738 paramedics,10 rescue boats,4,387 police officers, 29 bicycle patrols, 465 security patrols,75 civil defense vehicles,24 small cranes, and 17 land rescue patrols.

The Assistant Commander in Chief, Al Ghaithi, also confirmed the preparedness of the Command and Control Centre to receive emergency reports irrespective of the hours. He was also confident that the specialized police forces are trained and equipped to be fast and agile enough with their services and duties.

In addition to the announcement of the strong police forces, Mr. Al Ghaithi has alerted the public to follow the basic road safety rules, like driving within the specified speed limits on the road and steering clear from high-speed driving.

He has warned parents to keep an extra eye on the children on beaches or any other public spaces like tourist attractions etc. And also for the matter of children playing with fireworks

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Al Ghaithi also warned the residents against the usage of fireworks during the Eid Al Fitr celebrations. He also alerted the guardians against permitting their wards to play with firecrackers, as the accidents caused due to fireworks could result in severe burns, deformities, and even permanent disabilities. He also added that the negligent use of fireworks can cause fires that can threaten lives and property, which can result in both material and environmental damage.

Mr. Al Ghaithi also took the chance to remind the public about the emergency contacts. The citizens can contact 901 for non-emergency cases and 999 for emergency ones. The residents of Dubai can also make use of the ‘Police Eye’ service of the Dubai Police Smart App to notify about any violations or grave negligence of the warnings given.

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