Dubai Reef: World’s Largest Ocean Restoration And Ecotourism Project Unveiled By URB

Dubai has announced an ocean restoration and ecotourism project, and unsurprisingly it would be the largest of its kind in the world.

URB, leading developers of net zero sustainable city have revealed their ideas for “Dubai Reefs”, which will be a floating living laboratory for marine life restoration in addition to being an edutainment center promoting ecotourism that aims to develop more than 30,000 job opportunities in the green economy.

URB will be the pioneer of this green project

Dubai Reefs will comprise a green community of research on marine life, regeneration, and also ecotourism. This innovative facility will also include residential areas, shopping centers, educational and research facilities, and other hospitality centers and amenities. 

URB Unveils World's Largest Ocean Restoration Project Dubai reefs in Dubai

This green project aims to boost the marine science research sector and the ocean life conservation ability of Dubai while creating a unique artificial reef, which will cover a massive distance of 200 square kilometers making it the largest in the world.

This facility will be creating a home to more than an impressive billion corals and 100 million mangrove plants.  Regenerative ocean farming will also be practiced here, which is another integral part of the project and it is a climate-friendly food production technique.

Dubai Reef will be providing a distinctive experience in marine ecotourism with many floating lodges which will all be powered by 100 percent sustainable energy sources from diverse solar and hydroelectric sources. They will also contain wave farms that will produce clean energy for the growing population in Dubai.

The CEO of URB Bahrash Bagherian said that the health of their cities is very closely related to the healthy oceans, the oceans being the primary source of life and controlling everything. He added that given everything on Earth being connected, a healthy ocean is responsible for a healthy city. 

He told the media that the purpose of Dubai Reefs is more than creating a distinctive destination for ecotourism and marine research, whilst mitigating the effects of climate change.

This dream project is now in its research and development stage. The site would encourage responsible tourism where the visitors would be traveling by electric boat shuttle to Dubai Reefs.

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There will be many more unique and exciting activities offered including underwater forest bathing which is similar to the Japanese wellness practice. The visitors would also be provided with edutainment classes at The Marine Institute to guide the guests with a better understanding of the ecosystem.

Mr. Bagherian added that what they need is an up-and-coming entrepreneurial spirit in the planning of coastal metropolises and also for the types of infrastructure as well as other developments that are near the ocean. He also added that Dubai has the opportunity to revolutionize the developments around the ocean, as it is an innovative coastal city.

URB had developed a lot of innovations in this field of sustainable development. It was just 3 months ago, in February, these developers announced plans for “The Loop”. This is a sustainable cycling and wellness highway in Dubai spanning 93 km. The Loop will function solely on renewable energy sourced from its kinetic flooring.

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