Dubai RTA Will Be Using AI to Enhance Road Traffic

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has shared that they will be utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid the city’s roads. To evolve Dubai into one of the smartest cities in the world, the RTA will be making use of AI to analyze traffic data to comprehend where road work is required and plan to assist in reducing overcrowding traffic.

The AI Platform will study traffic data recognize patterns & predict efficient road networking

The authority is launching an ‘Enterprise Platform’ for designing and developing AI and data science solutions. This will help the RTA process the data they own and restructure it for training machine learning models across operations.

Dubai announces AI plan to slash traffic jams

This application comprises analyzing traffic data and identifying patterns and forecasts, which contribute to efficient road network planning and decrease traffic congestion. 

The director-general and chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, RTA, Mattar Al Tayer said that the launch of this initiative is evidence of the RTAs devotion to furthering the emirates’ transition into one of the smartest cities in the world.

By implementing AI into this sector, this initiative targets focusing on the well-being of the residents and enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of the services.

Mattar Al Tayer adds that Dubai RTA owns one of the largest data platforms in terms of storage volume in the United Arab Emirates. He shared that it has been connected to the AI platform to gain from the previously accumulated data and manufacture use cases that will meet RTAs strategic and operational demands.

This AI platform will serve as a stepping stone for carrying out a range of projects within the RTAs AI project roadmap. This initiative will cover over 100 use cases across different domains which cover predictive maintenance for RTA assets and properties in addition to providing AI-integrated smart services to improve the experiences of both customers and employees and accelerate the processing of administrative tasks.

The authorities say that the use of predictive maintenance of roads and bridges, public transportation network planning, and crowds management is the vital use cases that point to RTA’s direction of encompassing AI technologies in all systems by 2031.

This agrees with the nation’s AI strategy and exemplifies the significance of data and AI in assisting decision-making and anticipating the needs of the future.

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They also added the RTA has trained many Emiratis in leadership, management, and technical roles to empower the professionals to analyze data and gain information that assists decision-making and create use cases on this platform, which will enhance the reliance on in-house resources in encouraging growth and progress across the board.

The Road and Transports Authority is set to bring forth this technology into effect by 2031. It will be utilized to predict maintenance for roads and bridges, plan the routes for public transportation, traffic, and much more. RTA will be making use of AI to research the traffic data to understand where the road works are needed and planning to help decrease crowding.

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