Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed Welcomes The World At Dubai World Cup

His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, as well as Dubai’s ruler, greets guests at the Dubai World Cup, which is going to begin on Saturday for the twenty-seventh time.

In a warm welcome to the tournament’s official booklet, Sheikh Mohammed said, “We are pleased to welcome our respectable guests participating in the twenty-seventh premiere of the Dubai World Cup, this global unforgettable experience that embraces the honorable values of equestrian and its knights who come along from around the globe to compete for the precious World Cup.

Horse Riders from around the World Participating in the World Cup

He further stated, On this event, we recollect my late brother, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “may God rest his soul in peace,” the powerful leader who left an unforgettable impression on the history of our great nation.

We also want to give condolence and deepest sympathies to our brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria who lost their lives and their loved ones in the devastating earthquake.

Horse Riders from around the World Participating in the World Cup

This edition happens to coincide with the UAE’s “Year of Sustainability,” which has been proclaimed by my brother, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, under the slogan “Today for Tomorrow,” as well as embraces our country’s approach, goals, and vision in the field of sustainability, along with its responsibility in facing challenges.

The Dubai World Cup is indeed an important occasion for equestrian sport as well as an example of the UAE’s dedication towards the environment.

The tournament takes place during the UAE’s “Year of Sustainability,” which also shows the nation’s vision, approach, and goals for sustainability.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, announced this year under the tagline “Today for Tomorrow” to highlight the importance of sustainability solutions for a better tomorrow.

Besides coordinating the championship with both the UAE’s sustainability goals and the Dubai World Cup give a  message of commitment to facing the world’s climate change challenges.

The tournament’s organizers have made clear that the event is conducted in an environmentally friendly way, reducing waste and lowering the championship’s carbon footprint.

Through this precious sport, the Dubai World Cup has embodied the principles of tolerance, peace, and love year after year and since its inception in 1996, as the evening attracts annually the most influential horses, owners, trainers, and riders from around the world, armed with values, morals, but also authentic competition, as well as the perseverance and a determination to achieve excellence without an offside line.

Even as the 27th edition of the Cup begins, we expect to see new champions accomplish incredible feats, following in the footsteps of great stars and winners all through the championship’s history.

Al Dahra “Sigar,” the first-ever champion at Located In al Sheba Racecourse, “Dubai Millennium,” who won the Millennium champions league, “Thunder Snow,” who made history with a champion’s league double, as well as “Mystic Guide,” who secured the Silver Jubilee version for the Emirates, are some examples.

UAE World Cup is significant for several reasons. For beginners, it is a great opportunity in the history of horse racing, hoping to attract the world’s best horses, riders, and trainers from all over the world.

This gives riders and horses a  golden chance to show off their skills, and spectators get a glimpse of some of the greatest horse racing in the world.

Second, the Dubai World Cup is an important event for the UAE, particularly for travelers, As it attracts visitors from all over the world, the occasion promotes tourism and enhances the local economy. This will be helpful to raise the UAE’s visibility and profile as a global tourism hub, business, and cultural destination.

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Third, the Dubai World Cup personifies team spirit, competition, and tradition. It allows people from different nations and backgrounds to emerge together and enjoy the sport of horse racing. This gesture shows worldwide understanding and friendship and helps in making connections between different communities and countries.

He also thanked the Organizing Committee and all of the teams who have been working tirelessly to render this edition of the Dubai World Cup a success. Their attempts had already assured that the tournament will be made memorable for all who participate.

His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum gives his gratitude to the Dubai World Cup participants. He expressed his happiness to the horse riders, instructors, and riders who came from all over the world to take part in this precious tournament.

He wished all the participants victory in their endeavors and sincerely hope that visitors have a pleasant and memorable stay while witnessing the exciting activities on offer at the tournament.

His statements are that the Dubai World Cup is a significant event for the UAE and that Sheikh Mohammed is dedicated to making it a success each year. He closed his speech by wishing everyone a happy Ramadan and expressing his best wishes. 

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