Dubai School Banned Energy Drinks On Campus

The GEMS World Academy, a popular school in Dubai brought to the notice of parents about the potential risks regarding the children consuming Prime Energy Drinks, with the institution declaring the ban on this drink.

The temporary alertness and energy levels come with several risks

The institution released a circular to parents highlighting various health problems, including anxiety and the chances of developing addiction, as a ramification of drinking these beverages.

school bans energy drink from campuses in dubai

The circular states that energy drinks that contain high levels of caffeine and sugar must not be allowed in schools as these drinks are promoted by saying that they give increased energy, improved performance, and boost mental focus. The circular stresses the fact these drinks can have serious negative effects on children’s overall health and well-being.

The educationists cannot stress enough, the fact that children are more prone to the effects of caffeine which gives them short bursts of energy but often has negative effects lurking for a long time.

The Head of Pastoral Care, Student Development, well-being, and Safeguarding of Star International School, Sean Lewis said in a statement that they implemented a healthy eating practice in their school and this healthier way of life means avoiding such energy drinks.

He also warned that if anyone is found drinking such drinks they should be inspected closely because of the high sugar content and the capacity to become addicted to them. Their school conducts regular meetings at the institution where they remind their students, and parents, about the significance of maintaining a healthy diet.

The Principal of Gulf Indian Schools, Mr. Mohammed Ali Kottakkulam states that allowing energy drinks in schools is like giving children accessibility to start consuming more unhealthy drinks. Allowing such energy drinks is like encouraging them towards more such harmful drinks, which is a risk that they have to take for the health of children. The school also expressed its solidarity on the thoughts of banning such energy drinks on campuses.

The CEO of Credence High School Deepika Thapar Singh says that it is the duty of the schools and the parents to make sure that all drinks and eatables that have dangerous side effects are to be banned completely. Energy drinks that have artificial sweeteners and caffeine, which might have life-threatening side effects like anxiety, insomnia, and such should not be brought to the campus premises.

Almost all the principals and head authorities of various renowned schools are on similar lines on the topic. They say that children at a young age are impressionable and must be monitored closely. They speak about not just Prime Energy but almost every other drink that is sweetened and caffeinated. 

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Prime Energy Drinks is the brand of youtube star Logan Paul and KSI. The product was launched in the market in 2023. There were many supporters and massive hype for this brand especially among teenage boys as soon after its announcement was made through social media platforms. The product was also promoted with various mainstream sports sponsorship deals.

Prime drinks have been banned in institutions in various countries, like Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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