Dubai Witnessed Two Maritime Incidents During The Eid Al Fitr Holidays

During the Eid Al Fitr holidays, two incidents in the United Arab Emirates caught the attention of the authorities. The Director of the Ports Police Station, Colonel Dr. Hassan Al Suwaidi said that in the first incident, a boat at the Rashid Port caught fire because of an engine explosion that happened after refueling. 

No injuries were reported as the fire experts and the patrol team worked promptly to resolve the situation

The second incident was caused due to engine failure, a maritime vehicle crashed into the Al Maktoum Bridge. As a result of the collision, the vehicle lost its control and struck on the bridge which caused minor damage to both the vehicle and the bridge. The maritime patrols responded to the incident quickly and managed to avoid injuries, said the Ports Police Station Director. 

No injuries were reported as the fire experts and the patrol team worked promptly to resolve the situation

The Dubai Police had taken numerous maritime safety measures to ensure the safety of the public during the Eid Al Fitr holidays. As a result of these extended measures, there were no drowning incidents in the seas of the emirate during this year’s Eid Al Fitr vacation.  

Colonel Al Suwaidi emphasized the efforts taken by the Police of Dubai, he said they had developed a trough plan with the support of the internal and external partners. It was a comprehensive strategy to accommodate hundreds of tourists during the Eid Al Fitr holidays.

He added that rescue patrols, beach security patrols, increased maritime security, public safety awareness campaigns, jet skis, and bicycles were all part of the strategy. The reason for developing such a strategy is to deliver rapid and effective responses to emergencies at any time of the day while monitoring compliance to protect the safety of the public.

He urged the public, especially those who are interested in maritime activities to follow the guidelines and instructions of the police strictly. He also advised that the people who go to beaches should adhere to the instructions of the lifeguard. They should manage to stay out of the water during bad weather and strong waves to ensure their safety.

He also highlighted the importance of making use of the ‘Sail Safely’ service offered by the Dubai Police before starting maritime excursions, as this would help the rescue patrols to respond quickly in case of any emergencies. 

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The government and other officials in the UAE have taken several safety measures to ensure a safe and joyful Eid Al Fitr. Before Eid, the authorities had developed a complete security plan for the safety of the public. As this Eid Al Fitr was the first long vacation of the year the people were all set to enjoy their days. 

Al Maktoum Bridge where the second incident took place is one of the six crossings on the Dubai Creek. It was the first bridge in Dubai which was opened to the public in the year 1963.  Before the opening of the bridge, the people had to drive all around Dubai Creek.  

 The first incident took place at the Rashid Port, a man-made cruise terminal in Dubai. Being the first commercial port of Dubai, at present it serves as a seafront beach destination, residential area, and a cruise destination for tourists. 

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