Dubai’s Hatta Mountain Gets A Makeover With 20-year Tourism Plan

A Hatta Master Development Plan has been launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice president, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, as part of creating more economic, social, and educational development in the area for the coming twenty years.

Hatta will become a major tourist hub that will have a major souq with extended cycle tracks and an artificial beach. The master plan was created and executed by the Supreme Committee and the Urban design manual created for the development has included detailed guidelines and designs for constructing buildings in the mountainous regions. 

About Dubai’s Hatta Master Development Plan

The Hatta Heritage Village will go through a renovation that will enable more region-oriented development.

It will help the local farmers and other regional entrepreneurs by promoting a market for local products. According to the new plan, a 5.5-kilometer mountain bike road will be constructed along the Hatta area that will connect the major stations like Al Wadi Park and Al Tallah Park.

About Dubai's Hatta Master Development Plan

The road will also pass through the archaeological sites of Hatta and the Wadi Hub. Apart from this, a normal terrain track of 11.5 kilometers will be constructed from the Hatta Bus station to Hatta Dam. This track can be used for both normal cycles and mountain bikes. 

The new Hatta Souq will also be developed as a prominent platform for local farmers and residents to sell their products in the local market. The new construction is built using traditional and modern architectural designs and the materials used in the construction will be both man-made and natural.

The Hatta Souq complex will accommodate shops that can sell local vegetables and fruits. It will also have cafes and restaurants with food courts and entertainment areas. 

The development of an artificial lake is also part of the urban expansion plans. It will help increase the status of the Hatta locality and will make it a major tourist destination that will attract people throughout the year.

The artificial lake will be named Crystal lagoon with a beach area and the waterfront will accommodate different kinds of entertainment facilities and other tourist-related activities. Express bus services will also be started from Dubai to Hatta village and other forms of shared and single transportation services like rental vehicles, electric scooters, e-hail services, etc.

The traffic sites in these areas will also be improved to provide a smoother experience and parking solutions for visitors to the Hatta village. 

A campaign by the name “Hatta, the Highlands of Dubai” has also been initiated by the Supreme Committee for pulling in more visitors to the Hatta region. This will help create a well-rounded idea about the experiences, activities, and attractions of the area.

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It will set apart the Hatta as a distinctive experience from the attractions that Dubai has to offer. It will also be aligned with the #DubaiDestinations campaign and World’s Coolest Winter Campaign.

The Hatta region is known for its pleasant climate and the natural beauty of the mountainous areas in the southeast area which is located around 130 kilometers away from the city. 

Hatta village has huge historical significance and it dates back more than 2000 years. It was known as Al-Hajareen during ancient times and was known to be a hub of different types of agricultural, commercial, and historical landmarks.

The Hatta Dam is also another famous heritage site that has attracted a lot of tourists throughout the years. It is also considered to be a site for International sporting events like the Dubai International Cycling Tour.  

On the whole, the redevelopment of Hatta village and its prominent areas will be a huge boost to the Dubai economy and its tourist development plans.      

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