Dubai’s Higher Education Sector Saw An 8 Percent Increase In The Enrolment Of International Students

The international higher education institutions in Dubai have seen an 8 percent increase in the enrolments of students. According to the data published by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai (KHDA), more than 30,000 students have already enrolled in various university programs.

The number of international students coming to Dubai has increased by 12 percent, which is a third of the total number of students. 

This growth in enrolment rates shows the development of Dubai as a leading international center for higher education

The Director General of KDHA, Dr. Abdulla Al Karam said that Dubai will continue to solidify its emergence as a top destination for international higher education. Dubai has taken efforts to increase the number of international higher campuses in the city with a great number of programs.

This growth in enrolment rates shows the development of Dubai as a leading international center for higher education

This increasing number of institutions and the variety of programs available there has attracted foreign students to opt for Dubai to complete their higher education.

This surge in the number of students underlines the quality of the education provided by the universities and their dedication to creating a higher education system with world-class standards.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has released a landscape infographic that provides detailed information about the higher education sector of Dubai.

The data includes details about international higher education providers, students, programs offered, faculty, and research areas. 

It has also provided data about the graduates, which is available for the first time. This data reveals that out of the students who completed their graduation from higher education institutions in Dubai during the last two academic years have either got a job or have enrolled their names for further education.

International universities in Dubai have been offering various courses to students for their higher education.

During the past three academic years, there has been a 21 percent increase in the number of programs offered by international universities in Dubai.

The universities have been striving hard to incorporate the most chosen and trending programs so as to attract foreign students. It included various programs among which graduation in business, engineering, and information technology were the ones that gained much popularity among both foreign and Emirati students.

The top three programs that were common among the determined students were media studies, business, and information technology. 

A statistical analysis of the data, the present academic year has also seen a great increase in the number of students. Almost 80 percent of the total students enrolled were on a full-time basis. The details show that about 60 percent of students are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, 30 percent are enrolled for a Master’s degree, and 2 percent for Ph.D.

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The data shows that Dubai has been booming as a leading higher education hub for both regional and international students. Dubai has attained rapid growth in the total number of international thus becoming one of the most preferred higher education destinations for foreign students. 

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of Dubai is an authority under the Dubai government that deals with quality assurance and regulation of the educational sector in Dubai. It comprises a team of 224 people who are from different nations and works together to ensure high-quality education for every student. 

KDHA is the authority responsible for the quality and growth of private education in Dubai. The authority provides assistance to universities, schools, educators, students, investors, and government partners with an aim to develop a high-quality education sector that emphasizes oh well-being and happiness.  

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