Where To Look For Electric Car Charging Stations In Dubai – A Complete Guide

As society strives for a greener tomorrow, more and more people are interested in purchasing electric vehicles. There is a growing trend toward the use of electric vehicles worldwide, and Dubai is no exception. Now that more people than ever are driving electric vehicles, if you are living in Dubai it’s crucial to be aware of electric car charging stations in Dubai for plugging in your vehicle.

Find out where to go, what kinds of charging stations are out there, and how to use them in this guide to electric vehicle charging in Dubai.

There has been a significant development in the field of the automotive industry with the rise in electric cars for moving towards sustainable means of transport.

In the past few years, gasoline-powered vehicles have negatively impacted the environment and have led to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. Electric cars offer more sustainable and cleaner choices without reduced dependence on fossil fuels and zero emissions.

Dubai is one of the developing countries that has constantly put efforts to make a comprehensive network of electric vehicle stations.

Moreover, the government has also set a goal to take electric vehicle adoption to 10 percent by 2030. In this article, we will look into if Dubai is the right place for electric vehicles and have enough charging stations.

Types of Electric Car Charging Stations In Dubai, UAE

Dubai has launched three different categories of electric car charging points, Level 1, 2, and DC Fast charging points.

Every charging station has its benefits and charging time, making it quite essential for electric car owners to know their suitability and when to use the specific charging station.

dewa charging stations in dubai uae
  • Level 1 Charging Stations

Level 1 Charging Station is the slowest charging point and puts the lowest amount of power on the car. These charging stations can be used with any household plug point and can take up to 20 hours to charge the vehicles. Level 1 Charging stations are quite useful for people who want to charge their cars at home.

  • Level 2 Charging Stations

Level 2 Charging stations are commonly found in Dubai, they are quite faster than level 1 Charging points and take nearly 4-6 hours to completely charge. Level 2 Charging stations are quite ideal to be used at workplaces, homes, and public charging points. It can provide enough power to cover a medium amount of distance.

  • DC Fast Charging Stations

These stations offer the fastest charging for vehicles. It can provide up to 500 volts of power and can charge 80 percent of a vehicle in 30 minutes. These charging stations are costlier than level 1 and level 2 and are mostly found in the public charging stations found on major roads and highways.

Each type of charging station has its benefits. Level 1 Charging stations are quite cheap and owners can charge at their home, whereas Level 2 Charging is for mid-range travels and take less time for charging.

Last but not least DC Fast Charging stations are quite expensive and suitable for long-distance travel. In a nutshell, there are different types of electric car charging stations in Dubai for electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles based on their needs.

Electric Car Public Charging Stations In Dubai

Dubai has one of the largest comprehensive public electric charging stations making it quite easy for electric car owners to find a suitable place to charge their vehicles.

Public charging stations are found in public places such as tourist attractions, malls, hotels, and various other popular areas. These charging stations ensure that they are easily accessible regardless of the location of the driver.

Electric Car Public Charging Stations In Dubai

A lot of public charging stations can be found in different locations like hotels, petrol stations, shopping malls, and government offices. The government has taken an initiative to install charging stations at different public parking facilities of Dubai Mall, Dubai International Airport, and various other such locations. Additionally, there are several other charging stations located at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Miracle Garden, and Burj Khalifa.

Talking about payment methods, public charging stations have accessible and user-friendly payment gateways including prepaid cards, credit cards, and mobile applications. DEWA ( Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) also offers an e-pay service for electric car drivers to pay for the charging stations.

Dubai is working towards implementing various public charging stations. The growth of 300 charging stations to 10000 charging stations is expected to be completed by 2030, making Dubai the world’s most sustainable city.

Electric Car Private Charging Stations In Dubai

Along with different public charging stations, businesses and residents have also an option to install private charging stations at their workplaces or homes. This offers accessibility and convenience for electric car owners as they can easily charge their cars whenever needed without relying on public charging points. 

Electric Car Private Charging Stations In Dubai

There are quite a large number of options available including workplace charging stations and hole charging stations. Workplace charging stations are installed at the workplace of car owners whereas home charging stations are installed at the owner’s residence.

The cost of installing a private charging station is highly dependent on different factors such as the complexity of the installation process, the location of the installation, and different types of charging stations. On average the total cost of installing a home-based charging point can cost from AED 1000 to AED 5000 whereas the cost of a workplace charging station can be between AED 500 to AED 15000.

The biggest advantage of installing a charging point at the workplace or home is the convenience and accessibility it offers. Different electric car owners can charge their vehicles without relying on public charging stations. This is quite beneficial for users who have a tight schedule and need to make sure that the vehicle is always charged and ready to go.

Mobile Charging Services In Dubai For Electric Cars

Along with private and public charging stations in Dubai, there are also mobile charging services available as an option in Dubai for electric car owners. These services are offered by companies that have set up their mobile charging units that can be bought anywhere required. It is quite a convenient and quick charging solution.

A lot of companies have now come up such as EV Green Chargers and Voltamp Energy that offer mobile charging services. These companies have the infrastructure for the level 2 charging stations and can charge the vehicles in relatively less time. 

One of the key advantages of mobile charging services is accessibility and convenience. The mobile charging stations can be bought anywhere and do not require the owner to drive the car somewhere else to get it charged or wait in a long queue for its turn to come. Overall dis is quite beneficial for individuals who need an easy and quick charging solution.

However, there are some disadvantages too. For example, mobile charging services are not widely used and their cost is quite higher than the cost of public charging stations. Moreover, the charging units are not much powerful and can take up to hours to charge a vehicle, unlike public charging stations.

Despite the drawbacks, mobile charging services are still preferred by different electric car owners in Dubai who look for convenient and quick charging solutions while traveling. With more and more competition, the affordability and availability of mobile charging services would improve.

Future Of Electric Car Charging Stations In Dubai

Dubai has the most ambitious plans to build its complete and comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support the constantly increasing number of electric vehicles on the road.

The Dubai government has set a goal to have nearly 32000 hybrid cars and electric cars in the upcoming time and to support this goal, the government is heavily investing in the charging station infrastructure. To achieve these goals, the government has also initiated different collaborations with private sector partners.

How many EV charging stations in Dubai ,UAE

One of the exciting government initiatives is the Dubai Green Mobility Initiative which aims to promote electric cars and eco-friendly vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and encourage the use of clean energy sources.

The government has decided to offer subsidies to businesses and various individuals to help offset the total cost of electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations. 

Along with various government initiatives, the private sector is also working hard towards the charging infrastructure execution in Dubai. A lot of tech companies are partnering with governments and investing in charging stations to encourage the government’s efforts and support them.

The significance behind the expansive charging infrastructure is to make Dubai the world’s most sustainable city. With more charging stations, it would be more convenient and easy for electric car drivers to charge their vehicles and take them for long distances. 

Moreover, the increased availability would also lower the charging costs making it easier to operate and affordable. The future of electric cars in Dubai is bright.

With constant efforts of the private sector and government, the demand for charging stations would continue to expand and by noon we would see the improvement and expansion of charging stations in upcoming years.

41000 charging stations are Underway In Dubai

In conclusion, Dubai is the best place for electric car owners due to the increasing growth of charging stations. There are different types of charging stations available including Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast charging stations each with its own charging time and benefits.

A lot of chagrin stations called public charging stations are available at popular places like tourist attractions, hotels, and malls along with different accessibility options and payment gateways. 

Private charging stations are there too for the businesses and residents in Dubai with an option to set up the charging station at home or the workplace. The cost of installation can depend on the location and type of installation.

Electric car charging Price in Dubai  UAE

Furthermore, mobile charging services are also one of the preferable choices among drivers. A lot of companies in Dubai now offer on-demand charging services including flexibility and convenience rather than availability and cost.

Looking at the upcoming development, Dubai has the most ambitious goals to increase the on-road number of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure expansion. Along with government support and private sector partnership, the goal of having nearly 41000 electric car charging stations in Dubai is also underway. This large expansion would offer affordable and convenient charging options reducing the overall stress and increasing the usage of eclectic cars.

In summary, Electric car drivers can take full advantage of the rapidly improving charging infrastructure with various choices available for mobile charging services, and private and public charging stations. As the city continues to expand, the future looks quite bright for electric car owners in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I look for public charging stations at different locations in Dubai?

A lot of options are available for the owner to look for public charging stations in Dubai. Owners can use a mobile app or DEWA ( Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) website to look for charging stations. Furthermore, there are also different applications available like PlugSHare that provide information on the availability, location, and pricing of charging stations.

2. Can I install an electric car charging station at my home in Dubai?

Yes, you have complete freedom to install a home charging station in your home in Dubai. There is a Service to install charging stations that can be availed from the DEWA website. The cost of an electric car charging station highly depends on the location of your home and the type of charging station.

3. How much does it cost to install an electric car charging station in Dubai?

The cost varies depending on the provider and charging station in Dubai. Generally, the home charging stations can cost up to 1000 to 1500 AED whereas the public charging station costs AED 1.5 per kWh of electricity. It is recommended to check with the service provider for accurate costs.

4. How much is the charging time for Electric cars in Dubai?

The average charging time in Dubai depends on the battery capacity and type of charging station. Level 1 can take nearly 12 hours to fully charge the vehicle, level 2 takes 6 hours and DC Fast Charging takes half an hour to charge 80 percent of the battery.

5. What are the advantages of mobile charging services in Dubai?

The key advantage of using a mobile charging service in Dubai is that it offers flexibility and convenience. Also, users can request on-demand charging services available 24/7. Mobile chagrin services are quite expensive than home charging stations and public charging stations.

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