Emirates Flight A380 To Casablanca Is About To Resume

The Emirates Airbus A380 of Dubai is about to resume its flight to Casablanca as Emirates ramps up its operation in Morocco. The Airbus A380 is replaced by the Boeing 777-300ER which flies over to Casablanca. It is transportation between Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) which has been resumed. Till April 15, flight A380 is replaced by the Airbus 777-300ER which is going to help with the journey between DXB and CMN. 

The round trip itinerary between Dubai and Casablanca is replaced by 777 on flights EK751 and EK752. The service of flight A380 is provided as       EK751 which leaves Dubai at 7.30 AM and arrives in Casablanca at 12.55 PM. The return service is offered by EK752 which leaves from Casablanca at 2.45 PM and arrives in the UAE at sharp 1.15 AM. 

Return to Casablanca

It is expected that by the end of the summer of this year, Emirates will fly the giant A380 which will appear with an enhanced capacity will fly again to Casablanca from Dubai carrying travelers who want to connect with the city for business, entertainment, and several other purposes. The flight will also let Dubai connect with other Middle East countries and GCC, Europe, America, West Asia, and other 50 destinations worldwide. 

The aircraft A380 is resuming the trip to Casablanca to ramp up the socioeconomic and political relationship between Morocco and Dubai, which helps Dubai to double the tourist in turn making more profit in the tourism industry. Flight A380 is serving Morocco for long 20 years and is still making the opportunity for the people between the two countries to meet each other by carrying more than 3.5 million passengers for this long period.

A380 is set to operate to travel to 40 destinations in the world now and by the mid of this year, it is expected to increase it to about 50 airports which will greatly help the city to grow commercially. 

By returning flight A380 to Casablanca, the Government of Dubai is rebuilding its connection with North African countries in turn expressing their interest in keeping a good alliance with them promoting the tourism industry. It is due to this aim, the Dubai government is improving the seating capacity of the airbus.

Furthermore, increasing the seating capacity on the trip to Morocco will help Dubai with more options to improve economically. Perfect evidence for Dubai’s maintaining a good relationship with Morocco is the alliance between the flag carrier of Morocco, Royal Air Maroc, and Emirates, in turn strengthening the support of the airlines for the countries each other.

News is also heard like Emirates is going to resume the daily fights that fly between Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) from March 29, 2023, onwards following the Covid-19 restrictions. 

The effort of the Emirates to raise the A380

As many countries are now removing all the restrictions of Covid-19, the population is meeting an unfulfilled need for air transportation, which is leading the whole air transport industry is experiencing a high profit and is expected to further increase in the year 2023. For the same Emirates is trying hard to raise the destination to 50 from 40 as already mentioned.

For this purpose, it is known that Emirates has renovated 86 airbuses of A380 out of 116. The giant A380 which is about to fly is about 8 years old and is capable of holding a total passenger of 60,465 which is surprisingly large. 

The aviation industry faced a lot of challenges in many situations like the gulf war which took place in 1991, the terrorist attack, the financial crisis we met in 2008, and also most recently the Covid-19 pandemic which shook even the whole world. But still, the industry managed to rise up from the ashes and make a firm step in the way. 

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We can definitely tell that it is the hard work of the industry which is the reason for the rise and they have been working tirelessly to reach their target. However, it is possible now and the industry is one of the profit-earning ones which largely helps the country in settling the crisis faced by them. 

But after the covid-19 pandemic, A380 airbuses which were once the most demanded ones became inefficient. But the good news is that Emirates is planning a resume for A380 airbuses in its most innovative appearance.

A380 faced challenges during the covid days as complete air transportation was blocked due to the spreading of the disease. Even after covid, A380 found difficulty in recovering to its previous form but till now it was an unfulfilled matter. But from April of 2023, A380 airbuses are getting ready to travel around the world with even more power and capacity. 

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