Emirates Resumes Flights To 95% Of Pre-Pandemic Network Destinations

The Airline giant, Emirates, is planning to resume almost all of the flights to connected destinations before the Covid-19 pandemic. The flights will be operational like how it was during the pre-pandemic years.

Emirates Airlines has been increasing its aircraft numbers and services to meet the rising growth in the travel and tourism sector worldwide and especially in the UAE. Emirates is restarting almost ninety-five percent of their flight services and on Monday they announced a fourth flight that will do service between Bangkok and Dubai. 

Emirates Announced This On Thursday

Travel destinations around the world are facing a boom after the Covid-19 pandemic and major destinations like Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Paris, etc. are all experiencing high tourist traffic. So, in order to meet this demand, Emirates has reintroduced its legendary Airbus A380 as its fourth flight to Thailand.

Emirates Airlines

The decision came quickly after Emirates decided to bring back the complete A380s into the picture as these huge jumbo jets would help accommodate a larger number of travelers and make travel management easier.

According to Emirates, they will be bringing back almost all of the A380s that were grounded during the pandemic time because of a lack of passengers. 

Flight operations between the UK and UAE have also increased before the advent of the new year and Christmas holidays. Presently, a total of 119 weekly flights operate to and fro from UAE to Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Glasgow.

People worldwide are just restless to travel short or long distances to relax after the whole Covid-19 lockdown. As Dubai remains to be a sought-after travel destination, it is only obvious that the Airlines that operate from Dubai will have to create a wide network of flight services around the world.

Staying true to this purpose, Emirates Airlines is the largest airline in the world with a huge network of flight services spanning over 130 destinations. 

Adnan Kazim, a chief operating officer at Emirates had expressed confidence earlier this year that 2023 will be a really important year in terms of achieving a milestone in the aviation sector as services are getting back on track after the pandemic phase and that too business is booming. 

The travel and tourism sector in Dubai has seen an unprecedented rise by last year and this year. The total influx into Dubai has been very encouraging and the UAE administration has also created multiple campaigns for supporting the service sector.

The economy of Dubai is slowly shifting towards a non-oil-based model and as part of this, the travel, tech, and tourism sectors are going through a revamp. This year a lot of events are being hosted in Dubai, attracting visitors from international communities.

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Dubai Expo 2020, Gitex Tech Exhibition, etc, were some of the major attractions of 2021. According to the latest projections, by 2023, Dubai airports are expecting around 77.8 million passengers which is an increase of twenty-five percent compared to this year. The Supreme Committee of UAE has also created a master plan for renovating the historical Hatta Village.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai has greenlit the project and this is also part of diversifying the travel experience in Dubai. In the coming weeks, Dubai is getting ready for New Year’s Eve celebrations with major programs by Australian singer Kylie Minogue, Pyrotechnics at Burj Khalifa, etc.

The UAE administration has also initiated new Visa policies to encourage new talents and skilled professionals to be part of making Dubai a truly Global hub.

This has opened up a flood of opportunities for people looking for a new place to find a job and settle. The Emiratis in Dubai are also getting stable job opportunities as part of the UAE’s Emiratisation process.                              

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