5 great value Eid getaways

There are several places in the UAE that are ideal for a staycation but the intense summer heat, and one of the highest hotel costs in the world (check these prices), means that the two Eid periods are a great time to escape. When it comes to travel option, we’re pretty lucky to live in … Read more

8 Dubai Ramadan hotel deals

Last year Dubai welcomed 11.6 million tourists. Although this stat is great for the economy, it certainly pushes up the prices on the city’s glossiest hotels. As we enjoy a short spell of quiet when the tourists (and many of the expats) have gone home, there are some serious savings to be had. Here’s our … Read more

Mohammad Bozorgi’s Dubai exhibition

Not your typical artist, Mohammad Bozorgi’s background is in biomedical engineering and calligraphy. The two aprear to go together like chalk and cheese, but the Iranian-born creative sees it as a new generation of traditional art. Bozgori combines his Islamic faith, love of the written word and scientific background to create captivating pieces. This unique … Read more

Hayden Kays’ Top 10 opens in Dubai

“We are all peripheral characters in other people’s lives”, reads one print, the letters in a typewriter face cosying up to a dog-leg of coloured circles. Another, with a single line of text over a swirl of colour familiar to Mac users, suggests the artist will “never be able to forgive Apple for jeopardising my … Read more

Summer hotel deals: UAE and beyond

Summer means two things: sweltering temperatures and cheap hotels. This is the time of year that UAE residents can take advantage of the region’s low-season prices, and stay at some five-star favourites for a fraction of the usual cost. Table of Contents Abu Dhabi Dubai 5 alfresco restaurants in Dubai Ras Al Khaimah Fujairah Ajman … Read more

4 great bike rides in Dubai

There are probably several times in the average Dubai day that owning a motorcycle seems like the most sensible purchase you could make: sitting in traffic trying to get onto Al Khail Road, parking in Media City, getting around Karama during sunlight. Of course, the appeal of two wheels isn’t simply a matter of convenience. … Read more