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Ramadan 2023: Sunset Time For Ifthar In Dubai



Ramadan 2023 Sunset For Ifthar In Dubai

Sunset time is closely associated with breaking the fast and enjoying Iftar during Ramadan. But before that, it’s essential to determine the sunset time accurately. Incidentally, Dubai has a whole institution to do the job. Besides, you can easily retrieve sunset time yourself. Muslim or not, if you are interested in knowing when the sun sets during Ramadan in Dubai, here is a detailed guide for you.

Sunset is a crucial aspect of Ramadan, as it marks the iftar time when Muslims break the fast. But it’s confusing to correctly gauge when the sun will set for Iftar during Ramadan 2023. If you’re curious about it too, here’s a detailed explanation about sunset time calculation.

how sunset time is calculated based on location and time of year?

However, before we learn the exact sunset time in Dubai during Ramadan, let’s understand how sunset time is calculated based on different locations and times in a year.

Sunset Ramadan Timings 2023 Calendar

Calculating the accurate sunset time based on location and time of the year requires a bit of mathematical understanding. However, you can still calculate an estimated time through this formula.

The hour angle of Sunset and Sunrise is,

ω = ∓cos-1(−tanφtanδ).


ω = angle of Sunrise/Sunset.

δ = declination angle.


Declination angle = 23.45*sin((284+n)*360/365)

Then you have to place all essential values in this formula, substitute them, and simplify them to get the answer.

Sunset Time = 12+[ω/15]

Sunrise Time = 12-[ω/15]

This may sound tricky, especially if you no longer have a sound grip on trigonometric principles. No worries, though; the digital world has solutions for everything.

You can use online sunset and sunrise calculators to get accurate times based on your location and time of the year. But before you go to such calculators, make sure you know the latitude of your place for the most accurate and quick results.

Expected sunset time for Dubai during Ramadan 2023

You may already know that the sunset time doesn’t stay the same around the year. The Sunset and Sunrise time keep changing based on various geographical factors.

iftar time today dubai uae

However, we can still get an estimated time through a trustable source. According to a recent Aladhan site, the expected sunset time in Dubai is between 6:31 PM to 6:44 PM during this holy month.

Importance of accurate sunset times for determining iftar time

Iftar is considered the most important meal for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan 2023. It’s also the time to break the fast after restraining from eating and drinking for around 14 to 15 hours.

Hence, every person who fasts during Ramadan makes sure that they break their fast at the exact time of sunset to seek blessings and follow their religious principles of Ramadan. Therefore calculating precise iftar time is crucial for Muslims to plan their activity during Ramadan.

How is iftar time determined in Dubai during Ramadan?

Iftar time in Dubai is determined after careful astronomical calculations of the sunset time. The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department foresees the whole process and releases the sunset and iftar time for the month of Ramadan.

iftar timings dubai

how iftar time is determined in Dubai?

Iftar timing varies in every city as the exact time of sunset occurs based on the location. However, Dubai has its unique way of keeping citizens aware of sunset prayer time.

Dubai has had a tradition since 1960. In this tradition, six cannons are fired at different locations in Dubai, followed by the azan echoing from a mosque’s loudspeaker. This cannon is considered the official time of Iftar.

Use of official astronomical calculations and sightings of the moon

Besides the cannon, many Muslims practice the traditional method of sighting the moon and modern astronomical calculations for estimating iftar time.

Use of official astronomical calculations and sightings of the moon

Early Muslims observed Ramadan based on a traditional method, determining all vital timing based on moon sightings. However, with the evolution of technology, Muslims now employ advanced means, including astronomical calculations, to determine moon sightings and sunset time. The sighting of the moon also holds significance in determining the start and end of the Ramadan month. Therefore, modern calculations and moon sighting both play a critical role in determining Dubai’s suhoor and iftar time.

Importance of iftar time in determining the breaking of the fast

Iftar marks the time when Muslims can finally eat or drink after abstaining from it for the whole day. Besides, doing Iftar at the exact time also bears spiritual significance amongst Muslims per Islamic traditions. Furthermore, it’s a common belief amongst Muslims that promptly breaking the fast at the prescribed time is a virtuous act that attracts blessings from the third. Therefore, determining the exact sunset time and Iftar is crucial to observe this essential religious obligation.

Iftar is more than eating delicious food – it’s an integral tradition of Ramadan that holds both spiritual and traditional significance. Families and friends gather during Iftar to share the meal and socialize. It’s about seeking God’s mercy and reward after a full day of fasting.

Therefore, knowing about its exact timing is of paramount importance. The exact sunset timing in Dubai is determined after precise astronomical observations and calculations, and the details are made public. It ensures that Muslims can come together at the right time to break their fast and foster a sense of solidarity and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is fasting in Dubai during Ramadan 2023?

Based on sunset and sunrise, fasting in Dubai during Ramadan 2023 will last for around 14 hours.

2. Why is sunset time vital in Ramadan?

Sunset marks the time of Iftar when Muslims break the fast. Therefore, sunset time is vital in Ramadan.

3. Are non-muslims also restricted from eating before sunsets in Dubai?

No. There’s no obligation for non-muslims to fast during Ramadan in Dubai. However, eating in public is prohibited during the daytime in Dubai and UAE.

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