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Atlantis launches ‘underwater’ yoga in The Lost Chambers



Practicing breathing exercises surrounded by 65,000 sea creatures is a calming way to start the day. Atlantis have just launched a new ‘underwater’ yoga class, offering you the chance to practice Hatha Yoga in The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

The class takes place every Friday from 8am until 9am, and includes a mat, valet parking and a bottle of water. It’s open to all levels (there was even a pregnant lady in our class), and it aims to improve balance, flexibility and strength by using a sequence of calming postures.

Hatha Yoga combines yoga poses and breathing excercises to calm the body and mind. The word “hatha” means “wilful” or “forceful” and is designed to align your body so that energy can flow freely.

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Our digital editor, Sarah, went along to the first class to see what it’s all about

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“Although I’ve been to quite a few different yoga classes, I’m certainly not a ‘yogi’ – I can’t touch my toes and have never graduated past beginners. The underwater yoga class in The Lost Chambers was full of people from all levels, and you can adapt each pose to suit your flexibility. I’m not very good at meditating or relaxing at the end of a class, so watching the fish swim around was a great distraction for my overactive mind.”

Underwater Yoga at The Lost Chambers, every Friday from 8am-9am, AED120 including a mat and valet parking. For more information or to reserve call +9714 426 2000 or visit

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