Sarah Garden25 May 2015 AT 10:01 AM

The Best Photos At GPP Slidefest Dubai

Stories told through the lens
Sarah Garden25 May 2015 AT 10:01 AM
© Martin Beck
© Katarina Premfors
© Natalia Naccache
© Celia Peterson

From the imaginary grind of a washed up superhero to the shocking realism of a death row inmate’s last meal, the speakers at GPP Slidefest have thought-provoking images to share. Now in its’ 16th edition, the event, held by Gulf Photo Plus, brings together local and international photographers who present their photo series and invite audience discussion.

Around 350 photography enthusiasts will mingle at the event in Knowledge Village Auditorium on May 25. Whether you’re there to listen and learn or ask burning questions, it’s free to anyone who wants to attend.

Three of our favourites

Martin Beck
Imagining the monotonous daily tasks of off-duty superheroes, Dubai-based photographer, Martin Beck, has created an arty and humorous display. What does Batman do when he’s not killing villains? What does Superwoman look like when she kicks-back for the evening with rollers in her hair? Now we know.

Henry Hargreaves
Capturing the Big Apple through a lens, Henry Hargreaves is known for his food photography, which explores personalities on the plate. His most harrowing project, No Seconds, shows the last meal of death row inmates before they’re taken to the gurney.

Natalie Naccache
Growing up in the UK to Lebanese parents, and now living in Beirut, Natalie Naccache has a unique insight into how the East and West view each other. Her photojournalism series, Our Limbo, follows a group of women who left Syria before the civil war to study in Lebanon.

Katarina Premfors
Born in Sweden, raised in Pakistan, Turkey and North America, and beginning her career in the Middle East, Katarina Premfors is a citizen of the world in the truest sense. She will be showing a project in collaboration with Hope and Greenpeace, which looks at three Indonesian communities as they clear the rainforest and cause environmental changes.

GPP Slidefest

Where: Knowledge Village Auditorium
When: May 25 Start: 19:00