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Running the Dubai Marathon? Don’t forget these 3 things



With the Dubai Marathon approaching, personal trainer, marathon runner and holder of three Guinness World Records, Lee Ryan gives his top tips in the run up to the big race. He says you should focus on three “F”s.

1. Fuel
We talk a lot about energy running at Adidas, and there’s nothing more important than food when it comes to feeding that energy. My golden rule is: if you don’t do it now, don’t do it ahead of the race – and that includes your diet.

On the morning of the Marathon, have a regular breakfast three hours before the start time, something like porridge with banana or toast and lots of water. After the race, you’ll be tired and hungry but don’t eat too much too soon or your body will reject it. The key is to snack and sip; I rehydrate with coconut water and eat fruit for instant refuel. After an hour, you’re free to eat whatever you like!

2. Footwear
The basic one here: don’t wear new trainers! Whatever the distance of your race, make sure you wear a pair you’ve run in a lot. For my marathons, I usually wear the Adidas Adizero Adios – the same pair.

3. Fun
Start slowly, don’t feel you have to run the same as everyone else. Listen to your body and make sure you enjoy it – eyes up and take it all in! Running should be as fun and energetic as possible. If you’re running the 10k at the Dubai Marathon, look out for Adidas around the 3k and 7k markers – we’ve taken over a stretch of the course to boost your energy and remind you to enjoy it. Giant screens with messages of encouragement, motivational music and our very own cheer squad will remind you #WHYIRUNDUBAI

Lee Ryan is the captain of Adidas Runners, a community for all levels of runners based in d3. To find out more, visit

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