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10 questions for… Hayley Doyle



Hayley Doyle is a jack of many trades but, luckily, she’s also master of a few. As the author of The Day She Met Shirley Temple, she fills a gap in the Dubai market, teaching one of the city’s few creative writing courses for adults struggling with their inner Hemingway. She’s also the founder of Hayley’s Commet, a theatre production company for youngsters. You can catch her on Dubai Eye, just in case you thought she was slacking.

How long have you been in Dubai… and, in ten words or less, how would you sum up your time here?
About five years. Creative, life-changing, challenging and at times, very surprising!

What’s your favourite restaurant… and favourite dish?
Frankie’s – risotto.

Which takeaway do you have on speed dial?
800 Pizza.

Thursday night means…
Using the speed dial for 800 Pizza whilst listening to my favourite songs. Or going out to the Laughter Factory.

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Friday afternoon means…
Catching up with friends.

Guests have flown in to see you for a weekend and they’ve never been here before. What three things do you do?
1.  Go to the creek, cross on an abra, haggle at the souks and eat local food.
2.  Enjoy brunch at Mina A’Salam, Thai Kitchen or Vida’s Picnic Brunch.
3.  Hit one of the waterparks!

Where do you go to get a taste of home?
Reform in the Lakes.

What one thing could they introduce to Dubai that would immeasurably improve the quality of your life?
Vintage and second-hand clothes shops.

If you had to spend AED100,000 in a single Dubai shop, which one would you choose and what would you buy?
I honestly couldn’t spend that amount in one shop. Ever. Maybe I would choose a great restaurant instead and throw an awesome party for all my favourite people!

What do you do in Dubai that you never do anywhere else in the world?
Drive! I usually walk and take the trains or buses so that I can read en route.

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