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Dubai Aquarium welcomes new baby animals to the family



Admit it, you’re showing the baby hedgehog/otter picture to a friend and screaming “so cute!” Maybe that was just us…

Anyway, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has recently welcomed some new baby animals to its growing family. There are four baby otters who are just four months old, as well as baby hedgehogs, a Black Tip Shark, Bamboo Sharks, Clown Fish, Jelly Fish and a Fire-bellied Toad offspring.

And that’s not all. You can watch the adorable little otters take their first swim today (Thursday, March 23) via Facebook live. The first of the babies will take its first dip at 2.30pm and you can watch on Dubai Aquarium’s social channels – Facebook Live, InstaStories and SnapChat – @DubaiAquarium

You can also see Dubai Aquarium’s new additions in real life. Many of the new animals are around all day, and the otters will make appearances every day at 2.30pm during the school holidays.

Otter facts

  • Gestation lasts 60 to 64 days and typically results in two or three young
  • Both parents care for the tiny pups which are born toothless and with eyes closed
  • Males provide food for nursing females
  • By 40 days, the pups’ eyes open and by 60 days they actively swim
  • Older offspring help raise the young pups

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