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Russ to perform in Dubai this weekend



When we heard the region was holding an event to celebrate the current rebirth of urban culture and commemorate the history of Hip Hop, we thought of one person and one person only – Russ Vitale or Russ as his millions of fans know him.

Famous for tunes like “Losin Control”, “What They Want” and “Do It Myself”, the 24-year-old is quickly gaining popularity around the world.


Russ writes, produces and sings all of his own tracks and, while he may be young and relatively new to the international music scene, Russ has already released 11 albums as part of the DIEMON crew, all of which have achieved critical acclaim.

How did he do this? To put it simply, persistence.

On October 2014, Russ logged on to SoundCloud for the first time with a simple strategy of posting one song a week. By August 2015, he gained 5,000 followers.

By September 2016, he surpassed 200,000 followers. And today he’s got over 350,000 SoundCloud followers as well as a record deal with Columbia Records and co-signs from the likes of Kylie Jenner to Rick Rubin.

If you’d like to see the slick rapper perform his first ever show in the UAE, head down to Golden Tulip in Ghantoot this Saturday.

Russ Live
When: 8pm-11pm, Saturday, April 29
Where: Golden Tulip, Ghantoot (opposite Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE)
Price: From AED310
Contact: website 

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