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11 summer memes that will make people in Dubai laugh



1. Taking a shower like…

Summer meme 10

2. The struggle is real.

Summer meme

3. The fear of your A/C breaking.

Summer meme4

4. On the plus side, there is basically A/C everywhere…

Summer meme7

5. …but sometimes there’s too much A/C.

Summer meme5

6. Walking into your room that’s had no A/C on all day like…

Summer meme3

7. The alternative name for the season.

Summer meme1

8. There’s always that one person on your news feed…

Summer meme6

9. …unless that thing that melted is an actual ice cream van.

Summer meme9

10. How it feels when you have to walk anywhere outside at 1pm.

Summer meme8

11. When you’ve used all your annual leave over summer.

Summer meme2

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