7 escape rooms to try in Dubai

There was a British TV show in the 1990s called The Crystal Maze in which contestants were locked in a room and could only emerge once they’d resolved a mind-bending puzzle or physical challenge.

Their only assistance was a rabble of teammates barking “Come on!” at them through a small porthole as they grappled with ropes, pulleys, buckets and levers, while the audience at home was often frustrated that the most simple

In the last couple of years, a number of facilities in the US and Europe have started to offer the general public the chance to see if they could do any better – without the need for their humiliation to be broadcast to entire nations.

Real-life room escape games have become something of a craze recently – also helped by iPad and PC games such as Room Two. The craze is well and truly represented in Dubai with a number of room escapes now on offer for groups to solve.

We’ve shortlisted our seven favourites…

Escape Quest
You have 60 minutes to escape a locked room called the “Explorers’ Library” armed with nothing but your wits and a couple of partners. Can you get out in time? Available for groups from two to five.
Where: Floor 20, HDS Business Centre, Cluster M, JLT
Contact: +971 4 332 7777, website

Ever been caught snooping around in a friend’s medicine cabinet? Put those skills to use in James Murdock’s Office, where you have an hour to crack the code and escape. From three to five people.
Where: Times Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road
Contact: +971 4 321 2242, website

Challenge Chambers
Did you “brother” die of natural causes – or was he killed by a nefarious criminal? When the police siren goes off your hour in the locked room comes to an end. The Challenge Chambers offers both a 30-minute version of the game and one for the full hour, while the larger Mystery Challenge comes in two identical rooms, meaning that friends can be challenged to simultaneous battles. Games are offered in English as well as Arabic.
Where: Sunset Mall, Beach Road
Contact: +971 50 256 0587,

Escape Reality
If you work better as a team at the time of a crisis then this escape game experience is the best for you. Teams of 2-6 players must solve a series of challenging puzzles to escape within 60 minutes. There are around 8 unique puzzles to be solved so you will find yourself coming back often to solve them all.
Where: 1st Floor, Indigo Sky, Sheikh Zayed Road
Contact: +971 4 332 777,

Brain Game Dubai
As its name suggests, this game requires you to tap into your inner genius to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and logical problems. You can choose between a number of challenges that include Prison Madness, Orient Express and more. In each, you have just 60 minutes to solve the task at hand. The special effects and attention to detail give the experience a very real feel.
Where: Kanoo Group Building, Karama
Contact: +971 4 396 1556,

No Way Out
This is not your typical escape room experience. There are four rooms with four different themes, each of which have been designed to test your mental skills. Players are given 60 minutes to “escape” using nothing but their logic and reasoning abilities.
Where: HDS Business Center, Cluster m, JLIT
Contact: +971 4 243 8208,

This experience by Blues Clues is an amalgamation of logical reasoning puzzles and magical wizardry designed by some of the best real-life game designers in the industry. The various riddles and obstacles will test your ability to work as a team while the 60 minute deadline will test your time management skills.
Where: Wafi Shopping Center
Contact: +971 4 396 4344, website

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