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Ed Sheeran has broken his arm ahead of sold out Dubai concert



It looks like Ed Sheeran might not be making his long awaited return to Dubai after all…. The 27-year-old has just announced that he may have to cancel some of his upcoming concerts after suffering from a bicycle accident earlier this week.

The “Thinking Out Loud” singer announced the news on Instagram. He posted a picture of himself with his hand in a sling along with the caption: “I’ve had a bit of a bicycle accident and I’m currently waiting on some medical advice, which may affect some of my upcoming shows.”

With his sold out concert scheduled to take place on Thursday, November 23, we sincerely hope that he feels better soon.

The official events company 117Live have yet to release an official statement and until they do, it is believed that his concert at Dubai Autism Rocks Arena is still very much happening.

Until stated otherwise, here’s a list of things that lucky ticket holders have to look forward to.

Seeing Ed Sheeran
While this may be an obvious point (thanks for the eye roll Janet), you are one of the few who managed to get your hands on some tickets before they all sold out.

A good sing-a-long
While everyone will be there to see Ed Sheeran perform live, they will most probably be singing along with him and, in some cases, louder than him.

A good cry
Be it tears of laughter or sadness, you will cry. We’re almost 70 percent sure of it.

Quality entertainment
Not only does Ed sing, he also plays the guitar, piano and drums.

A great night out
The crowd will be beaming with energy and with the weather finally taking a turn, it will be a great, cool night out.

Ed Sheeran
When: Thursday, November 23
Where: Dubai Autism Rocks Arena

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