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Ed Sheeran’s Dubai gig still going ahead despite broken arm



Earlier this year British singer Ed Sheeran left the nation in a bit of panic when he announced that some forthcoming shows may be affected, after hurting his arm as a result of a bicycle accident.

Luckily for us and the thousands of others that managed to get their hands on a pair of tickets before it sold out in record time, it seems like his gig on Thursday, November 23, is very much still happening.

“We have now received an update from the Ed Sheeran team that he is unable to perform for the immediate future. Since Dubai is the last show of the season we have been told that the show is still going ahead as planned. Until we receive any further feedback from Ed we are sending him get well wishes from Dubai and we hope to see him soon,” said Thomas Ovesen, the CEO of 117Live.

The singer announced the news of accident on his official Instagram account teddysphotos. The 27-year-old posted picture of himself with his hand in a sling along with the caption: “I’ve had a bit of a bicycle accident and I’m currently waiting on some medical advice, which may affect some of my upcoming shows.”

Since then, the “Thinking Out Loud” singer has released an official statement saying: “A visit to my doctors confirmed fractures in my right wrist and left elbow that will leave me unable to perform live concerts for the immediate future.”

He added: “Sadly, this means that the following shows will not be able to go ahead as planned: Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. I’m waiting to see how the healing progresses before we have to decide on shows beyond that. Please stay tuned for more details. PS – Ed isn’t typing this as he has both arms casted/bandaged.”

Until Ed’s gig at the Dubai Autism Rocks Arena on Thursday, November 23, here’s some of our favourite tracks from the Grammy award-winner.

Lego House

Bibia Be Ye Ye


Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran
When: Thursday, November 23
Where: Dubai Autism Rocks Arena
Contact: website

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