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INTERVIEW: Noodle from the Gorillaz talks Dubai, cover bands and apes



Brit-band, Gorillaz will play in Dubai for the first time ever this weekend as they headline Fiesta de los Muertos at the Autism Rocks Arena. The special Halloween show will see the world’s most prominent animated group supported by the likes of The Mariachis, Carly Rae Jepsen, Stormzy and more.

Ahead of their Dubai debut, we caught up with Gorillaz’s Noodle to find out what we can expect from them on the night, and more.

What are you most looking forward to about playing Fiesta de Los Muertos?
Once every 33 years, our planet races through the trail of a comet and the sky explodes with thousands upon thousands of meteors. I witnessed this on the summit of Mount Fuji, in the black of night, as I fought Maazu, a hell demon I had accidentally unleashed on to the world. The sky burned like fire as our weapons clashed. And let me say, what I saw that night couldn’t even be the warm-up act to what you’ll get from our performance at Fiesta de Los Muertos.

Who’s your favourite other act on the bill?
Stormzy! He’s my kind of people.

If you had to become a covers band, what music would you play?
We might become a Grace Jones covers act. I worship her. Grace is just the most inspiring person ever. She has this aura about her, like she’s not human exactly, she can’t be put in a box because she’s like this ancient and powerful force of nature, the mother seed from where we all sprung.

Which member of the band is most likely to wreck a hotel room?
Maybe me? Like most humans, I have the capability to destroy as well as create, so I like to do both because I have to.

What do you plan on seeing and doing while out in Dubai?
Hopefully some sightseeing, as it’ll be our first time there. I want to go and climb the Burj Khalifa building, just like Tom Cruise. But it won’t be for a movie, I’ll do it just for fun.

What can fans expect from your setlist?
Expect a party, but the most messed-up party you ever went to, where everything is on its head. The new album – Humanz – is full of subversion.

Apart from the gorilla, what’s your favourite ape?

Fiesta de los Muertos
When: 4pm-1.30am, Friday, October 27
Where: Dubai Autism Rocks Arena
Price: From AED350
Contact: website

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