Mohammad Bozorgi’s Dubai exhibition

Not your typical artist, Mohammad Bozorgi’s background is in biomedical engineering and calligraphy. The two aprear to go together like chalk and cheese, but the Iranian-born creative sees it as a new generation of traditional art. Bozgori combines his Islamic faith, love of the written word and scientific background to create captivating pieces.

This unique architectural approach to calligraphy is evident in the mathematical symmetry of characters which he uses in his work. His latest series, Transcendental Strokes, debuts at Ayyam Gallery from 25th May. We spoke to the artist to talk about the lost love of letters.

Describe your art in one sentence.
Mysterious, a new look at calligraphy, deep rooted in tradition.

For someone who doesn’t have a background in engineering, or much knowledge of calligraphy, how would you sum up your work?
Abstract – a harmonic dance of letters and words like a symphony – is how my Engineer side looks at calligraphy. The art of abstract calligraphy invites the viewer to [do some] soul searching. The viewer is encouraged to study the lines to see something new every time they look at the artwork.

What kind of subjects will you be tackling next?
The process of creating these artworks is very unpredictable and I almost never know what direction I am going. I am, however, affected by what goes on around me and in the world. Violence, poverty and environmental changes to our life are some of the things that affect me and in general artists around the world and in the Middle East.I think, see, eat and sleep letters and words, and they come to me like a lightbulb until I sketch them and paint.

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Other than your own work, who is your favourite artist and why?
I am always inspired by artists of the past and present. I had a calligraphy teacher, Seyyed Mohammad Husseini Mowahhed, who is a master in both Iranian and Arabic calligraphy. He taught me the depth and different sides to letters and words and the formation of different styles of calligraphy within an artwork.

What is your advice to aspiring regional artists?
I feel your creativity and vision is the most cherished asset you have as an artist. But the second most important ingredient for being successful in what you do is your “brand”. By brand I mean what you represent, who you are, what you’re trying to say. I also believe, the human you are, is as important as style and creativity and technique. An artist with dignity, humility and honesty will always has a place to represent his or her artworks time and time again.

What is your favourite thing about Dubai?
Dubai is a mixed culture, cosmopolitan city with a great focus on Middle Eastern Art from neighbouring countries. They have successfully created a business hub that also thrives on supporting art forms such as music, cinema and performing arts. While I’m here I’ll visit the tourist sites, shopping malls and other art galleries.

Transcendental Strokes Exhibition Opening

When: May 25
Start: 19:00

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Transcendental Strokes Exhibition

When: May 25 – Jul 30
Start: 19:00

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